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2009-04-17, 06:08 PM
Anyone in a poetic and lyrical mood? I certainly am. How about some discussion then - What was the last poem you read? Do you have a favourite poem? Do you write poetry?

The last poem I read was from a collection I found in one of those awesome old bookshops that look as though they've been hiding away for the past fifty years. It's called 'The Iron Flail':

Time beats out all things with his iron flail,
Things great, things small.
With steady strokes that never fail,
With slow, sure strokes of his iron flail,
Time beats out all.

2009-04-18, 07:19 AM
I once wrote this sorta- black-metalsih song for a friend of mine who took driving lessons at this time. It is NOT intended to be serious or even well made, but I was amused by it.

With a thight grip
I grab the wheel
my tires sprout fires
my nerves like steel

My bumper sticker reads: "Satan's toy"
the urge gets stronger, I need to destroy

Destroy the cars of the innocents

While engines are blazing
blood preasure is racing
I need to destroy
Destroy the cars of the innoccents

I vanquish my foes on the motorway
you call it murder, I call it a day
my vehicular homicide has just begun
you call it killing, and I call it fun