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2009-04-19, 04:09 AM
I enjoyed the concept of slower magical healing on page 115 of UA, but I feel that it has several problems that need to be addressed before I would be comfortable putting it into a campaign. Homebrew, AWAY!

As on page 115 of UA, magical healing may not heal nonlethal damage, and any lethal damage healed by a magical means is instead converted to nonlethal damage.

Any spell with the healing descriptor allows the caster to make a heal check as a part of the spell on all of the spell's targets, with a bonus equal to 1+(the spell's level).

Regeneration functions as normal. Using a healing effect on a creature converts lethal damage to non-lethal damage as normal, where it is healed at the accelerated rate provided by it's regeneration.

Fast Healing:
Fast healing heals non-lethal damage first, and then lethal damage. Even with this limitation, it still seems sort of broken in this system, especially in the hands of PCs. Any ideas to get around this flaw in the system without making fast healing worthless would be appreciated.

New uses for the heal skill:

Accelerate non-lethal healing:
With a DC 15 heal check, you may accelerate the target's non-lethal damage healing rate. The target heals an additional amount of non-lethal damage equal to their level. For each additional +5 that you beat the DC by, you may accelerate their healing rate by an additional amount equal to their level. (So at DC 15, target heals 2xtheir level non-lethal damage per hour; DC 20, 3x; DC 25, 4x; DC 30, 5x; etc) You receive a +5 bonus on this check if care for the target while they are recovering. The bonuses granted by this skill last until the next time the recipient takes damage (non-lethal or otherwise).

Suspend non-lethal damage:
With this healing system, if a character takes enough damage to knock them unconscious, that automatically means that they are out of commission for at least an hour, regardless of the attentions they receive, magical or otherwise. This use of the heal skill is meant to be a potential fix for that. A character who has taken non-lethal damage can have that damage temporarily removed until they take damage again. By making a DC 11 heal check, 1 point of nonlethal damage is removed until the next time that the character takes damage (non-lethal or otherwise). For each 1 that you beat the DC by, you may remove 1 additional point of non-lethal damage.

(Not actually related to the system, but I'm throwing it in here as well because I just thought of it while writing this and in my fatigued state of mind it seems interesting) You may emulate a spell with the healing descriptor with the heal skill. It requires one hour of work per spell level emulated. The DC of this task is 25+the required caster level for the spell. Any material or XP components of this spell must be provided. Regardless of whether the check succeeds, the recipient of the surgery takes constitution damage equal to twice the spell level (Fortitude DC 15+Spell level half).