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2009-04-21, 07:43 PM
I just read DC's Faces of Evil-Prometheus and am infinitely relieved to see they are re-writing him into the world class villain he used to be rather than the schmuck who acted as kid side-kick to a certain bandanged faced B- list Batamn villain.

Any it got me thinking about the despertely needed and appreciated re-writes I've seen and wondering which was most appreciated :

Turning Batgirl back into a hero ?
Revealing Leslie Thompkins DIDN'T murder the Spoiler ?
Getting rid of Spiderman's annoying wife ? ( Some people must think its a good idea)

Post your must needed and most hated re-writes

2009-04-21, 10:28 PM
Turning Batgirl back into a hero ?
Revealing Leslie Thompkins DIDN'T murder the Spoiler ?

Yes, these were good ones.

Getting rid of Spiderman's annoying wife ? ( Some people must think its a good idea)

So far, it's still just Quesada as far as I can tell. I've yet to meet a single Spidey fan that doesn't try to suplex me when I mention One More Day.

One re-write I'm happy with is the return of Bart Allen as a kid. I always loved the character Impulse, who was very funny and well written.

When they re-made him as Kid Flash I was okay with it, because I felt they gave him a good reason for becoming so, even if it meant that much of his humor was toned down. He wasn't as interesting, but at least he was still Bart.

Then he got sucked into a parallel universe, returned as an adult, and took up the mantle of the Flash. All the humor was gone now. In fact, the character was downright depressing.

This Flash failed to catch on with fans, so he was brutally killed, and Wally West re-instated. I was glad to see Wally back (Mark Waid's run on the Flash is one of the greatest I have ever read), but I couldn't help but feel that Bart got screwed in the process. They stripped him of his youth and his comic personality so they they could force him into the mold of the Flash, then promptly dropped a train on him when nobody liked the changes. His death was nice and poignant and heroic and all, but it still shouldn't have happened.

Now he has returned as a kid. He's still Kid Flash instead of Impulse, and it remains to be seen whether he is going to be funny again, but at least it's a step in right direction to fixing the mistakes made with the character.

2009-04-23, 12:03 AM
John Byrne's Post Crisis Superman. As much as I look back at the Silver Age version of supes, By the late 70's he had become too powerful, and too bogged down with silly supporting characters. Byrne stripped him down, and rewrote Luthor into the type of villain that was truly fun: A smart sociapath who knew how to use the law to keep Supeman powerless against him.

I would also say Jim Apero's version of Batman in the 70's. Long before DKR, Byrne was restoring Batman to the grimness that the character needed to have.

most hated rewrite? One More Day and All Star Batman.

2009-04-23, 12:29 AM
Walt Simonson's Doombot retcon.

Namely, that any Doom story you (the reader) like?

Real Doom.

It's lame?


Doesn't outright say it, but that's the gist. Beautiful thing, Simonson's FF run.

Lord Seth
2009-04-23, 12:44 AM
Getting rid of Spiderman's annoying wife ? ( Some people must think its a good idea)I think you made a typo. That should be "one person" (Joe Quesada), not "some people".

Okay, my hyperbole aside, it still was an awful rewrite. The reasoning behind it was awful and the way it was pulled off was awful. Even the guy who wrote it (J. Michael Straczynski, perhaps better known as the creator of Babylon Five) thought it was an awful idea. (maybe he didn't say that exactly, but it was pretty obvious from his statements he did not like it)

And even if it were absolutely necessary to undo all those years of continuity, you can't possibly tell me there weren't better ways to do it than the ridiculously out of character and idiotic way they did.

You brought up the Batgirl example of a rewrite fixing a case of someone being out of character. The Spider-Man rewrite, rather than fixing a case of someone being out of character, actually resulted in someone acting out of character.

You know what I will appreciate, though? When they rewrite that rewrite. THAT will be a very appreciated comic rewrite.