View Full Version : Mcdonalds Monopoly Mayfair

2009-04-23, 04:16 AM
As many British Playgrounders will know, Mcdonalds is running a promotion based on Monopoly, where you can win prizes by collecting labels with the properties from the game on them.

The prize for collecting both Park Lane and Mayfair is 500,000 cash. Split between two this would obviously be 250,000 apiece.

I have the Park Lane label and don't want it to go to waste.

So on the off chance that anyone here has the Mayfair label, send me a message and we will work out the logistics of claiming the prize.

Thanks for listening.

(I'm not sure if things like this are allowed on this forum. If they aren't please inform me and I'll scrub the whole thing. I like this site and would absolutely hate to get banned. Thanks.)

2009-04-23, 04:22 AM
There's a slight problem with your proposal, the Park Lane sticker isn't that rare. McDonalds puts a large amount of Park Lane stickers in circulation, so people might think that they're only one away from the grand prize, but there's only 1 Mayfair. The odds of getting it are incredibly low, and it's what's worth 500 000, I'm afraid your Park Lane is fairly worthless.

2009-04-23, 04:30 AM
Yeah I am (frustratingly) aware of that, but I figured it can't hurt to ask.

2009-04-23, 05:03 AM
Huh. This was just starting in America back in when I was in Alaska last October. And now it's in England..

Sigh, it's been so long since we had it here. Considering I don't eat McDonalds much at all, it doesn't really matter. But I loved it as a kid mainly cause Monopoly was and is one of my favourite board games of all time.