View Full Version : Ultimate Wolverine Vs Hulk is back...

Avilan the Grey
2009-04-23, 05:14 AM
Just a heads up if anyone started to follow this mini-series 2006(?):
Marvel has re-published the first 4 parts (as "director's cut" no less) and is finally releasing the last two issues this spring.

2009-04-25, 05:21 PM
Just in time for the Ultimate line to end!

How fitting.

- Yulian

2009-04-26, 08:31 AM
It had potential, it didn't fulfill it, and now the Ultimate line is over, courtesy of Jeph Loeb.

Ugh. They should have left the Ultimate verse as Millar and Bendis' playground.

Of course, this viewpoint basically stems from my burning hatred of Loeb as a writer.

Avilan the Grey
2009-04-27, 01:05 AM
Well apart from the fact that not all Ultimate comics end (Spider-man continues, with a "Volume 2 - Issue 1"), as well as The Ultimates, which changes name to "Ultimate Avengers" (and unlike in the normal continuity they have earned the name, I guess, since I have never really understood why the Avengers are called the Avengers (what are they avenging? In the Ultimate universe that is definitely clear; they are hunting down Magneto)

Ultimate FF: Canceled (for now, we know how Marvel works)
Ultimate X-men: Canceled (for now...)
Ultimates: Changing name to Ultimate Avengers, new first issue in July(?)
Ultimate Spider-man: Keeping the name, new first issue July.