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2009-04-23, 04:54 PM
love it or hate it?

2009-04-23, 04:58 PM
Its tasteless, humorless trash.

2009-04-23, 06:38 PM
It's kind of perversely funny when you first see it, simply for shock value, but it quickly just becomes disgusting. :smallyuk:

2009-04-23, 06:39 PM
One of the few things to ever make me feel physically ill.
Kudos to them for the idea.

2009-04-23, 06:46 PM
At first it's entertaining in an incredibly sick and twisted way, but the shock value runs out quickly, and after that there's nothing to entertain you. That is, unless you get off on violence.

2009-04-23, 06:47 PM
I watched exactly one episode.

2009-04-23, 06:49 PM
I used to watch them some years ago, but lost interest later - I'll still watch an episode or two if I stumble upon them actively, but don't seek them out on my own.

The quality of HTF varies greatly between different cartoons - some are boring and, as one of my friends described, "too much blood, too little cruelty", some are truly excellent, and some are in between. In general I'd say I like them - they're sick, sadistic and cruel, but that's the whole point here, and they're so overblown it's hard to take them seriously.

2009-04-23, 06:50 PM
It's a lot less funny than I expected it to be. Flippy does amuse me, but most of it is just too sick.

2009-04-23, 06:50 PM
It's kind of perversely funny when you first see it, simply for shock value, but it quickly just becomes disgusting. :smallyuk:

Pretty much sums it up.

2009-04-23, 08:20 PM
It's kind of perversely funny when you first see it, simply for shock value, but it quickly just becomes disgusting. :smallyuk:Yes, I think that's indeed pretty much the perfect summary.

And at times, the sadism in it becomes so extreme it crosses the line from being so over the top one can't take it seriously into where it becomes purely sickening. To me, anyway. Especially when it features those father and son bears.

At one point, I looked into the HTF forum, curious what people would be posting in a forum of something like... that.
One of the first threads I stumbled upon was "What impact has HTF had on your lives". The OP said something like watching HTF had made them a better person...
I looked somewhat like this: :eek: and fled to safer regions of the Internet.

Jack Squat
2009-04-23, 08:35 PM
Never seen it...suppose it's a good thing that I figured G4 went down the drain awhile back.

2009-04-23, 10:40 PM
I love it. It's awesomely over the top. Probably because I've only watched 3 or so of them. Watching more would likely change my mind, but HTF is very cool in a quite small amount.

Mc. Lovin'
2009-04-24, 04:45 AM
I dont like it as much now that i'm not 13 ...

2009-04-25, 02:19 PM
Funny at first, then the shock value runs out.

2009-04-26, 12:11 AM
Like Surly said, episodes with Flippy are pretty much the only ones I find entertaining.

2009-04-26, 01:01 AM
I don't like it.
I fear I may grow to like it and I don't want to become that person.

Lord Seth
2009-04-26, 09:44 AM
Funny at first, then the shock value runs out.Pretty much. That's why the only way I find I can really enjoy watching multiple episodes is if I watch them with weeks or months apart.

2009-04-26, 11:07 AM
Probably one of the most overrated things on the internet, imo.

Illiterate Scribe
2009-04-26, 12:17 PM
It's like I'm really in 2001.

purple gelatinous cube o' Doom
2009-04-26, 12:57 PM
It is entertaining in a very perverse sort of way. Although it's a little too over the top with the violence for me for the most part. Although it does kind of make me thing about the book of bunny suicides comic book, which is actually far better than the HTF.