View Full Version : UK Games Expo (5th-7th June) Anyone Coming?

2009-04-24, 05:02 AM
This (http://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/)

Two guys from my local games club have been running this show in Birmingham for the last two years, and this year it's running from Friday 5th - Sunday 7th June. It's a pretty good show, with a shed load of games to watch or try, loads of RPG stuff, and plenty of guys and girls in silly costumes. Last year Dr Who and the Daleks made an appearance, as well as Bobba Fett and an entourage of surly Stormtroopers. There was also plenty of stuff to attract the 'real wargamer' that thinks pen and paper games don't feature enough metal models.

The point of all this guff is, I'm going to be at the Expo on Saturday 6th, and I was just wandering whether any other playgrounders were thinking of making an appearance? With no UK meetup seemingly planned for a while, I thought something like this might be an opportunity to meet up with a few people and fire off some off-kilter jokes and make some silly faces for the camera again. I'm not going to try and sell that Expo or anything, I'm just going to be there, and if anyone else was planning on it I wouldn't mind meeting you. :smallsmile:

It's not exactly Gencon, but it's a pretty good place for a geek to spend a few hours...along with a fair bit of money. :smallbiggrin:

2009-04-24, 06:16 AM
I'ma graduating th'n!:smallbiggrin: