View Full Version : Outside Lands '09

Moff Chumley
2009-04-25, 11:33 AM
Outside Lands (http://www.sfoutsidelands.com/index.php) is an August 3-day music festival in San Francisco Park. Last year's headliners were Radiohead, Beck, and Primus. This year, Pearl Jam, The Dave Matthews Band, and The Beastie Boys are headlining. The Mars Volta, Modest Mouse, Incubus, TV On the Radio, and dozens of other groups are also appearing.

So, how many Bay Area (or non Bay Area) playgrounders can I expect to see there? :smallbiggrin:

2009-04-27, 05:02 AM
Modest Mouse AND Incubus? you lucky git.

damn me living in the UK.