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2006-08-14, 03:46 PM
You are bonded to a spellcaster, and can draw power from this bond.
Prerequisite: BAB +4 or higher, Combat Expertise.
Benefit: You may bond to a spellcaster, so long as that spellcaster has the Bonded Guardian feat, and, if you can cast spells, use invocations, or otherwise have a class-based caster level, the spellcaster's caster level must be at least twice yours. *See the benefits of the Bonded Guardian feat for details. *If your bond breaks by being renounced by either bonded character, or by you gaining a caster level in excess of half of the Spellcaster's, you must wait a year and a day before bonding to another spellcaster, or a month for the same.
Special: A fighter can take this feat as a bonus feat.

Bonded Guardian
Instead of having a familiar, you have a bonded guardian.
Prerequisite:Able to cast 3rd-level arcane or Druid spells, must not have a Familiar or Animal Companion.
Benefit: You may bond to a character with the Mage-Bonded feat. *You may cast personal-range spells as touch spells on your bonded character, and any spell you cast on yourself or your bonded character affects both of you, so long as you remain within 5' of eachother. *Furthermore, you and the bonded character know eachothers emotions without fail, out to a distance of one mile, and can use eachothers' connections to places (such as for the Teleport spell); this part is a supernatural ability. *The bonded character also gains some extra abilities dependant on your level.
9th level: Deliver touch spells (as Familiar)
15th level: Scry on Bonded Character (as Familiar).
Special: A Wizard can take this feat as a bonus feat. If the bond is broken, you must wait a year and a day before bonding again to another character, or a month for the same one.

Lord Xaedien
2006-08-14, 04:06 PM
Balanced I am not sure... But I like it alot!

2006-08-14, 06:30 PM
Fighter bondde with wizard. Wizard stands behind the fighter, using true strike and quicked true strike on fighter. Fighter/wizard wins.

Alternatively, use the shapechanging spell. Or Transformation for some nice bonuses.

Or... Monk + Chill Touch. Flurry touch attacks, meep...

2006-08-14, 07:27 PM
I think the bounded guardian should be able to cast spells, but their caster level should have to remain at most half of the masters caster level. That way a ranger or pali could bond with a full spellcaster.

2006-08-14, 07:41 PM
Interesting point. I'll add that in.

Regarding the True Strike danger: Well, that is partly the point of it. I think that taking a feat, and having the fighter take a feat, to be able to cast True Strike on the fighter is pretty reasonable; that's one metamagic or item creation feat you aren't getting. I could make the prerequisites harsher, though, if that seems necessary.

2006-08-14, 08:00 PM
The True Strike combo isn't overpowering at all. First, you need two people each taking a feat. Second, the fighter person needs to be within 5' of the caster, which means Mr. Wizard either needs to be in the front lines, or mr fighter needs to be in the rear guard. Third, it takes a standard action from the caster to give that bonus to the fighter type (a high level wizard can do a whole lot more then true strike on a standard action).

If your willing to go through all that you deserve the reward.

2006-08-15, 04:13 AM
this sounds really familiar. did you get the idea from the wheel of time series of books?

2006-08-15, 12:54 PM
I've never read Wheel of Time, actually; the idea just came, pretty much fully formed. I suppose it might have been in part inspired by Final Fantasy VIII's Sorceress/Knight thing, but it's pretty far from even that (everyone casts spells in FF games).