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2009-04-27, 04:54 AM

I'm in the middle of translation a part from chapter 3 of the Iliad and would like some help with translation sentence 395: Ὣς φάτο, τῇ δ' ἄρα θυμὸν ἐνὶ στήθεσσιν ὄρινε (http://el.wikisource.org/wiki/Ιλιάς/Γ)

I currently have: "She spoke, and she put her heart on in her chest."

I completely understand the construction, I think, but don't understand the meaning. What does "put her heart on in her cheast" mean? Could anyone here help me? I know there are some users who know ancient greek, so I thought I'd ask.:smallsmile:

2009-04-27, 05:54 AM
My old book has the translation as "Είπε και την ετάραξε μες στης καρδιάς τα βάθη.", or "She said, and she scared/disturbed her to the depths of her heart."

I was never good with Ancient Greek though, so I have no idea why or how that is.

2009-04-27, 08:02 AM
My translation (Richmond Lattimore, 1961) says "So she spoke, and troubled the spirit in Helen's bosom."