View Full Version : D&D Cartoon Mystery

2009-04-27, 10:45 AM
When I was little I used to watch the D&D cartoon all the time. I just saw a rerun and was looking in to getting the complete series when I noticed something strange. The final episode was never aired yet I remember the kids defeating Venger, him changing into a golden warrior and ridding off on the back of a Giant eagle. So the question is this: Did that happen?

2009-04-27, 12:46 PM
Yes and no. The final episode wasn't even produced, but the scene you described is similar to one from episode 9, "Quest of the Skeleton Warrior", at the end of which the skeletal warrior Dekion is restored as a Celestial Knight, and rides off on a giant eagle (or "Warbird", as he calls it"). Venger was blown away by a gale during the transformation sequence that episode.

While the final episode was never produced or aired, the script was written, and can be found on this site (http://www.michaelreaves.com/requiem_preface.htm). It leaves the series with a twist and an interesting conclusion, so it's a shame they never made it, really.