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2009-04-27, 10:32 PM
First, let me say that this is wildly speculative. And though plausible, I don't think it's likely. I just found it intriguing enough to talk about. This is a conspiracy theory, after all, and that means it's going to be paranoid. But hey, treat it as a bit of fun. Oh yeah, and ask me for proof and you get a raspberry. It looks like this -- 8P.

Okay, so first we have the Magic Kingdom. We know the denizens are extremely protective of their little safe spot away from the world at war. Casters appear to go barbarian when there, which for them seems to mean they become freelance. We know that a portion of them are very dismayed about the neverending war in that world.

So, here we have a gathering of some of the most powerful beings in Erfworld. And you think they wouldn't conspire, eventually?

Okay, here's the idea. Caster A asks Caster B: what would it take to end the war?
Caster B: I dunno. Let's ask a, what, Findamancer? Or Predictmancer? Mathamancer?
Predictamancer: All my predictions include war everlasting.
Findamancer: I can't find anything to change the world.
Mathamancer: The rules of the world ensure no victory is possible. The math a;lways comes out Stalemate.
Caster A: Then we need to change the rules.
All: Hunh?
Caster A: Well, if the rules don't let the world change, then the rules themselves must change. How do we go about doing that?
All: That's not in my discipline.
Thinkamancer: We need to think of something. That is in my field. We need to find something that changes teh predictions. I propose a link with the Predictamancer and the Findamancer.

Some time and a carefully deconstructed link later...

Thinkamancer: It is possible. We found a small hope. We know of other universes. We need to bring a foreign element into this war... one that can win.
Caster A: But that only means more war... and the worst war possible. All Sides would be destroyed.
Predictamancer: Some Sides would be destroyed, but some Sides are destroyed anyway. For those that joined our victor, they would have peace forever, or at least for a reasonably long time.
Caster A: So who is this victor.
Predictamancer: We couldn't determine that. We would need to create a spell that would find the right person and bring him or her here.
Caster A: And who would cast it?
Findamancer: Someone desperate. Someone powerful enough to Rule a Side, but stupid enough to lose it. We'll need to create him from the ground up. Build him up, and take him down.
Thinkamancer: The hard part will be the spell. That will take the efforts of the most powerful of us, and it will be an immense amount of our resources...

From there, everything else is just details. My conspirators are dunh dunh dunh... the Magic Kingdom. They organized and created everything. Pick the right region to play in. Most details aren't going to matter, since you'll be playing both sides. Across the world there will be Ansoms and Vinnies and Jillians. The most important person they need is Stanley.

So that's the idea in general. The master manipulators of the Magic Kingdom put their heads together and decide to change the world. The conversation is of course fanciful, but somehow they figure out they need an alien entity to cause the world to change. They then manipulate the world, by including some casters that are on board with the quest for Peace, like Sizemore, and making certain the others, like Wanda, know nothing, so that they can be manipulated. All it takes is a subtle hint here or there, and one thing the MK has no shortage of is the casting resources necessary to figure out what to say to whom in order to get a particular result. They begin by building up a "Stanley". Oh, I imagine Stanley was not their first attempt. They can afford failures. In time, a project matures properly. Stanley gest his Arkenhammer and proves ambitious enough. They promote that to the point of megalomania. And then they influence him so that he can create a coup d'etat against Natural Thinkamancy. With Stanley in place, they need to put into motion the events that will lead him to cast the great spell. Now they need him to fall.

The casters of Faq are among the most peaceful on the planet. They have what the MK conspiracy wants for the rest of the world. In fact, it may have been an experiment in how a world at peace would exist. Now, though, it needs to kick off the events that will place Stanley on the throne of GK, and collapse it all around him.

The Faq Predictamancer is on board with the conspiracy, knowing the Predictions concerning the end result. You can disobey when working for a higher power, and what higher power is there than World Peace? Anyway, the Predictamancer tells Wanda she will receive the Arkenpliers, but only if dwagons are seen over the kingdom. Another prediction brings Jack on board, so when Stanley takes over, he allows himself to be captured, or aids in the betrayal. Stanley takes Faq, gaining the two casters vital to the plan. It is Wanda that must cast the spell, and Jack must keep their pet Ruler alive at a vital juncture.

The Predictamancers know most of the work will be done by Wanda. She wants the Pliers, and what better way to get them than to get Stanley to find them for her. She manipulates him into thinking that the whole thing was his idea, as Stanley shifts focus from strategic growth to obsessive questing. GK falls fast and hard. Now the conditions are right. Wanda is informed of the existence of the spell, but not why it was created. She's probably used to that with predictamancers around.

Now they get to meet their selection, and something is wrong. He can't see stats. He is treating this like a game. And he has no understanding of the world... the alien universe was too alien. So they influence his rations. They create his artefacts and feed them to him through his food.

So, yeah, Wizards did it. All of it. And they did it for World Peace.

2009-04-27, 11:15 PM
Did they? Did they really?

2009-04-27, 11:28 PM
They begin by building up a "Stanley". Oh, I imagine Stanley was not their first attempt. They can afford failures. In time, a project matures properly. Stanley gest his Arkenhammer and proves ambitious enough. They promote that to the point of megalomania. And then they influence him so that he can create a coup d'etat against Natural Thinkamancy.

Hmm... and maybe Parson isn't a first attempt either. If he succeeds in bringing peace to Erfworld, that might qualify him as the ultimate Hippiemancer. However, if the conspiracy's immediate target was Natural Thinkamancy, perhaps there might have been an earlier attempt to bring a Player over, with a direct focus on Thinkamancy.

Of course, I'm going with the speculation that Charlie is indeed a fellow Player, who was deliberately summoned, but withdrew and ended up living the life of a mountain hermit. Maybe he'll eventually reveal himself in a Wizard-of-Oz like moment, but then again, he might just turn out to be native NPC after all.

2009-04-28, 01:31 AM
Well, I like the thinking that there is something MORE going on than just the given story. Beyond that... not so much.

My biggest objection ( including assumming a cabal of the world's most powerful castors wanted peace, only hippiemancers and Sizemore seem to think that way, other castors are just obsessed with their particular art), is giving human agency. The comic is full of "Will of the Titans" or "Fate" with a capital F references. Hence, success or failure is in many ways beyond any character's ability. The only exception to that seemed to be Charlie and his way to always come out ahead... yet even he got hosed badly at the end.

The only exception to that would be the Arkentools themselves. I suspect they, while not strictly sentient, still have the ability to influence events for their own motivations.