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2009-04-28, 09:11 PM
Okay, for those of you who won't ever watch the show.......

Chuck is a TV series airing on NBC at 7:00PM on Mondays. It's about a Computer nerd who gets a subset of government secrets (called the 'Intersect') downloaded into his head, and it's later revealled that he is now the only one who can access these secrets, which means the government has to protect him from spies. So the entire show is a parody of 70's style spy movies/shows. It is MUCH better than I am describing it as such.


We had our second season finale last night. For those you you who still have no intention of watching the show......

Chuck, after having his dad remove the intersect from his head, watches as another spy, his old college roomate, dies in front of him. Given instructions to destroy the intersect so the enemy (who is closing in on him) can never use it, he has an epiphany about who he is, and instead downloads the ENTIRE FREAKING INTERSECT into his head before destroying it. Then he gets attacked, and by using the information downloaded into his head, he then proceeds to obliterate about seven agents at once by instantly-learning martial arts. Shortly followed by the best one-liner ever.

I jumped out of my seat and hit my head on the ceiling, and when I woke up, I said "YES!!! THAT WAS AWESOME!" :smallbiggrin:

How did everyone else react?

2009-04-28, 09:55 PM
I was happy, esp. with the last line, that I saw coming as soon as he started kicking ass and taking names, but I"m worried about how this will translate to next season. I like our dear incompetent Chuck. I'd be less so with an obvious Sue. Can I get some uncontrollable superpowers in here please?

2009-04-28, 10:35 PM
I love the show, thought the episode was great, but for a moment when he started kicking ass at the end, I started wondering if there wasn't a shark on the floor where he was doing all that jumping around.

And then he finished and said the line. Suddenly my faith was restored: they're not taking themselves entirely seriously. :smallbiggrin: Plus I suppose this does change the general "Chuck flashes, gets into trouble, has to bumble through defending himself until Sarah and Casey can show up" formula, so that'll be interesting. And I love that Awesome knows, too.

I'm wondering if it's possible the physical...aspects won't somehow go away or subside after an episode or two, though, which could work, depending on how they do it.

...Assuming it doesn't get cancelled, that is. I mean, it's a show that I like, so it's already fated to be cancelled prematurely at some point. :smallmad:

By the way, has anyone noticed that EVERYONE'S father in this show is a TV starship captain? :smallbiggrin:

Chuck's dad: Captain Archer, ST: Enterprise
Awesome's dad: Captain Sheridan, Babylon 5
Sarah's dad: Captain Gideon, Crusade (B5 spinoff)

(And wow, Boxleitner really slimmed down.)

2009-04-28, 10:44 PM
Now that's a reason to hope for another season.

A potential Shatner cameo.

2009-04-28, 10:49 PM
...Assuming it doesn't get cancelled, that is. I mean, it's a show that I like, so it's already fated to be cancelled prematurely at some point. :smallmad:

Yeah, about that... Chuck's a bubble show, which means it could go either way come the fall schedule reveals in May. I knew that going in and thought the writers might take the opportunity to make a stand-alone conclusion just in case. But no, we got a heavy TBC with an awesome formula change.

I will be one sad person if it doesn't get the renew now. So many new avenues to explore. So many jokes to be made. And a season of watching a geek explore awesome new powers while working to protect America from a nebulous organization that...I don't know. What do they do? Oh well, something to cover in season three. Execs: RENEW!

2009-04-29, 06:59 PM
Over it's first two season (PLEASE let this only be the first two seasons, as opposed to the "Only" seasons) Chuck has morphed from a mildy amusing time-waster to one of my favorite shows. The season finale was amazing from start to finish.

1. The last line was pefect.

2. In addition to the almost complete formula change, we saw the evolution of several of the characters.

3. Chevy Chase, Bruce Boxliner and freakin' Scott Bakula on the same episode.

4. Jeffster's performance of Mr. Roboto, complete with road flares. It's not often that a Tv show acually, literally makes me laugh out loud, but that entire sequence got me.

This finale was soooo good. It's a real shame that the anticlimatic Hero's finale followe4d right after. It really REALLY suffered in comparison.

2009-04-29, 07:02 PM
I really do hope that Chuck remains on the line-up. In one season, its gone from "show I watch to pass time before Heroes starts" to "the only reason I still watch NBC on Mondays"