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2009-04-29, 05:51 PM
well, since Google's failed me, might as well ask here.

I'm doing a report on "Johnathan strange and Mr. Norrel" and need to find some pictures that relate to particular scenes that I figure I can pass as symbolic or important. unfortunately, I can't seem to Google the right phrase. anyway, if someone could please provide me a link or some kind of information on where to find non-amine or cartoony pictures relating to the various scenes, I'd be very grateful.

"People were walking up and down. The backs of their heads were hallowed out, their faces nothing but thin masks in the front. Within each hallow a candle was burning. This was so plain to him now, that he wondered why he ha never seen it before,. He imagined what would happen if he went down to the street and blew out some of the candles. It made him laughed to think of it. He laughed so much he could no longer stand. Some small remaining shred of reason told him he wouldn't' wan the land lord to hear him, so he smothered his laughter in a pillow"

the battle of Waterloo, where Johnathan is summoning the illusions of angels and dragons to try and scare the french

"the great hall was filled with rain, not a rain of water, a rain of blood. In the blink of an eye it was there, in the blink of an eye it was gone"

thank you in advance, oh omniscient greats of the playground.