View Full Version : New Propaganda OP

2009-05-02, 11:54 PM
Ohh, Ideas are buzzing in my head.

Of course with Ansom back in the picture, the whole "Ansom didn't do it because he's dead and there would be no point." argument is fail now, so it opens back up the Ansom raided faq argument.

But it also opens up a really nasty Propaganda opportunity. With Ansom apparently alive and cognizant, now Parson can claim that Ansom was ALWAYS working for him, and he deliberately led the coalition forces to Efdup in order to feed Stanley's growing army.

And he can make that claim against any new armies that come against him. "My secret ally warlords, the ones you trust the most, will turn on you at the moment you believe your victory is assured." So please, bring me your armies. I could use some new recruits.