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2009-05-07, 02:54 AM
There's not really a thread dedicated to the new website so I thought I'd make one to ask a question.

I noticed that the scrapped artwork on Ansom had him looking kind of like an uncroaked. PClips, you said that this was not how you invisioned Ansom as he was raised.

I was wondering why you wanted the decrypted to look almost exactly the same as they did beforehand. Why don't they look different in some way to emphasize the fact that they are uncroaked, even if they retain their memories and intelligence?

Also... Bah, I never noticed the sonic attack from the purple dwagons. You can learn new things by reading the Erf wiki every day.

2009-05-07, 12:17 PM
Not related to the previous post, but I have a question about the new erfworld.com website and this seems like the thread to use.

Several of my friends and i have limited internet access due to the "I am in college and totally broke" problem that many people have. Most of us check Giantitp from work on lunch, and we intended to do the same for the new erfworld website... except that it's getting blocked by our employer's internet filters. Gianitp comes through just fine, but Erworld.com is tagged as "humor/jokes" and our access is denied. Any chance you can remove that tag so we can keep reading the comic? I'm sure there are tons of other people who check the site from oppressively filtered internet connections and would appreciate it as much as i would.

Thanks, and keep Erfing!

2009-05-07, 12:32 PM
my guess is that the setting is in the filter, not at erfworld.com.

A workaround could be to use a proxy or an anonymizer and see if that gets you around the filter.