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2006-08-09, 04:44 AM
Most adventurers has heard of animals who can take the shape of men and blend into human society. In the west these beings are usually refered to can lycanthropes, or were creatures, humans able to take the shape of powerful beasts and spread their condition like a disease. These creatures are oftentimes feared as souless killing machines, and after one is discovered it usually doesn't take long for adventures to take it down bearing arms of silver.

In the eastern inspired lands creatures with similar abilities exist, called hengeyokai. Rather them humans who carry a gene that can be transmitted via their bite, these are acually spirit animals capable of taking human form.

(I know OA has a hengeyokai race, but I like this varient better.)

A hengeyokai is just like a natural lycanthrope except as noted below.

Size and Type: Hengeyokai count as spirits for the purpose of all spells and abilities (including those of a spirit shaman), if you're using OA they have the spirit subtype. Hengeyokai almost always use human as their base creature, but if a hengeyokai mates with a non-human humanoid or giant the result is someone of the base race of the other parent with the hengeyokai template so non-human hengeyokai are possible, just exceedingly rare (hengeyokai usually only mate with other spirits).

Hengeyokai revert to their animal form when killed, rather then that of the base creature.

Special Attacks: Hengeyokai cannot spread the curse of lycanthropcy with their bite attacks.

Special Qualities: Hengeyokai have damage reduction 10/cold iron rather then 10/silver

Shifter Speech: Hengeyokai can speak normally in all forms, though they still cannot cast spells with verbal components in animal or hybrid form.

Fae Relation: Hengeyokai are related to Fae and are treated as fae for the purposes of spells or effects in addition to their base type (Their creature type doesn't change however). If a spell or effect has different effects depending on their type, the hengeyokai counts as whatever type the originator of the effect wishes(as determined by the DM).

2006-08-10, 02:30 AM
Is this stuff just in addition to the normal Hengeyokai race, or are you redoing the race entirely? And if so, what's the level adjustment, as a race with damage reduction is definitely higher than the LA +1 of the standard hengeyokai.

2006-08-10, 02:35 AM
This race is not at all linked to the Hengeyokai race in OA. This is a varient of the natural lycanthrope template (it's not even a race), and thus has the natural lycanthropes +3 LA (in addition to the required animal HD).

Also, I've been considering removing the "Fae Relation" ability as its too complex for an ability that essentially does nothing. It was originally ment to compensate for shifter speech, but I think the spirit subtype does that enough.