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2009-05-10, 04:58 AM
Well two days ago I got back from my regions music camp (I hesitate to say band camp due to the slant associated with it. Coincidently, flutes are the greatest because they are ribbed and textured), and I'd have to say, it was definitely the highlight of my year. Unfortunately it only lasts for four days due to cost issues some people's have, but moving on, I'd really like to hear about other's experiences with music camp.

Ours was an intensive, 24-hour, no free time kinda thing that consisted of eating, sleeping, concert band rehearsals, electives (stage band for me! :smallbiggrin: ), sectional rehearsals, and two hours of organised recreation which was dancing to ridiculous children's songs (which is teh pwnage btw.), a concert night for anyone who was interested in doing a solo/small ensemble performance for the group, and this friggin awesome quiz night that you really have to be at to understand. The last night of course was a concert for parents as they came and picked everyone up. Also a bunch of completely unrelated people show up, because we sound good.

I'd have to say the reason I enjoy music camp so much is that socially I become very powerful there due to my assertive personality, and having a high understanding of the interests, that where I come from aren't understood to the level they are at music camp. Plus I play the tuba. Teh Tuba is teh awesomtasticness.
It's also fun to play music at a much higher level than I usually play at in band, especially in Big-Band where we had 16 rather than the usual 10 players at home, so our sound was pretty dam good.

So yeah, in conclusion, what has everyone else's experiences with band camp been like?

2009-05-10, 11:10 AM
Let's see...

Back in high school I went to a music camp each summer at what would turn out to be my college. It wasn't too intensive, but I did manage a bit of everything - band, choir, orchestra, chamber groups, plus they had electives to sign up for like theory, etc. Week long.

I also went to Tanglewood's two-week intensive program for my instrument and that was amazing. Nothing like being out in the woods playing your horn!

No music camps in college, as I lived music during the term as a music major.

I did hear a rumor for this coming summer that the horn club is going to go out in the middle of nowhere with our horns in one hand and our fishing rods in the other though. :smallbiggrin:

2009-05-10, 11:37 AM
I went to Band Camp last summer at UNCG.

It was okay, it would have been fun if I had had anyone to hang out with. I went with my Scout Master's son, and then he ditched me and hung out with this really obnoxious kid, so while I wasn't playing I was reading Ender's Game over and over and over.

Not a bad use of my time. :smallsmile: