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2009-05-10, 05:19 PM
When in doubt, shotguns out.

Eyes of yellow, undead fellow.

Heads of three, let it be.

I need more....

EDIT: Im thinking of making an alphabetical list of these, guys.

2009-05-10, 07:09 PM
A bullet in time saves nine.
When the warlord is away, the raiders will play.
The bigger they are, the harder you should hit them.

2009-05-10, 07:10 PM
The first rule of knife fighting is: don't.

Moff Chumley
2009-05-10, 08:09 PM
This thread has epic win potential.

Never trust a female drummer unless she's not wearing a band shirt.
You have no idea how many times that's gotten me out of trouble.

I'll try to think of more.

2009-05-10, 09:04 PM
A landmine a day keeps the undead away.

A bullet's worth ten-thousand words.

Get a man to shoot, save him for a day, teach a man to shoot, save him for his life.

A a nine-mil in a hand beats an AK on your back.

2009-05-10, 09:06 PM
When seconds count the police are minutes away.

2009-05-10, 09:08 PM
"The pistol exists so you can fight your way back to the long gun that never should have left your hands."

2009-05-10, 09:29 PM
Always be prepared...
In case Teddy Roosevelt jumps in through your window and asks you to go on an African safari with him.

My friend has that written on the strap of his pith helmet...

2009-05-10, 10:29 PM
A body in the basement is worth two in the morgue.

Werewolves abhor a vacuum

STOP [Stalk, Trap, Obstruct, Perforate]

2009-05-10, 10:44 PM
Always be prepared...
In case Teddy Roosevelt jumps in through your window and asks you to go on an African safari with him.

My friend has that written on the strap of his pith helmet...

best survival adage ever. I'm going to buy a pith helmet now. We all must follow the example of this enlightened man.

2009-05-11, 12:02 AM
And now a big list of lesser known proverbs by Stormthorn.

A jack of all trades is not in a standard card deck

A picture is worth a thousand word long blackmail letter

April showers bring giant man-eating plants

A rolling stone is a trade off between moss and the ability to crush people

Absence means he has been abducted by slavers

Boys will rape your daughter

Better the devil you know than the devil off a rival cult

Beggars might be lepers

Cowards die if they run slowly, but a brave man dies as often as the necromancer revives him.

Clothes make the victim

Different Strokes to hack heads off different folks.

Don’t look a gift hooker in the mouth

DO throw the changeling out with the bathwater.

Empty vessels are easily possessed

Eat when you’re a zombie and drink when you’re a vampire.

Familiarity breeds incest

Heavily armed cyborgs rush in where angels fear to tread

Shoot me once, I return fire on you. Shoot me twice, my family avenges my death.

Forewarned is still not as good as a shotgun

Good fences make good stakes for the skulls of your neighbors

Good wine is not something you should be looking for in either type of bush

Give the devil a sharpened silver cross in the eye.

Half a clip is better than none.

Those who live by the sword shall die by the Rust Monster

Home is where the anti-zombie defense system is.

Honey catches more mutant fly-people than vinegar

Time flies when your running over ghouls in a steamroller

Hell hath exactly as much fury as a succubus scorned

Sticks and stones can break my bones but invocations can banish my soul

The hair of the werewolf that bit you

Haste will let you escape the wastelands

If wishes were horses beggars would trample you and take your money

Its better to give an STI than to receive

If you cant take the heat don’t pack a flamethrower

If you cant beat them, grenade them

Close counts in Global Thermonuclear War

It’s not over till the fat tiger eats your skull

It takes two to f***

Let he who is without sin be the first to stab the vampire

Life is like Pandora’s Box

Let sleeping Elder Gods lie

Kill a thing seven times and you’ll always find a use for it

Laughter will not cure a zombie infection

No man as an island, but living alone on one is the best way to avoid the apocalypse

No pain, no reaction to fire

No news means the broadcast station has been overrun

Never judge the Necronomicon by its cover

Once bitten, twice transformed into a monster

One good turn means you will die in the second act

Practice makes you into a killing machine

Red sky at nigh, demons delight. Red sky at dawn, your soul is long gone

The Third Reich wasn’t built in a day.

Rules are made for sociopaths to break

Starve a vampire, starve everything else

Strike while the enemy is reeling from being burnt by a hot piece of iron

Seize the throat

There’s more than one way to skin a priest

The grass is hiding landmines on the other side of the fence

Two heads indicate radioactive contamination

Two wrongs is the way vigilantes make right.

The road to hell is paved with telemarketers

Speak of Cthuhlu and…AHHHHH!

2009-05-11, 12:36 AM
A landmine a day keeps the undead away.

Not actually useful, sadly.

Well, there's classics, of course. "Nuke it from orbit, only way to be sure" and all that.

I personally live by a simple one. It has served me quite well.

"If it's a bet, ensure cash up front."