View Full Version : [Artifacts]The Two Legendary Swords

2006-08-07, 10:30 PM
Two major artifacts:
Muramasa's Blade
Also known as the "Bloodthirsty Sword," it was created by the swordmaker Muramasa as a competition with the swordmaker Masamune. When placed in a stream his sword cut through everything that entered its path, fish, leaves and the very air around it. Muramasa's Blade is a +2 Vorpral Wounding Bastard Sword which gains a +2 to attack rolls against creatures with blood as it seeks them out

Masamune's Blade
Known as a "holy blade", it avoids doing harm rather than seeking it out. When placed in the stream, the fish and leaves floated around it, even the wind didn't seem to touch it. Masamune's Blade is a +4 Merciful Bastard Sword of Speed that grants a +2 dodge bonus to the AC of the person weilding it.

On a side note, you can have them look like Katana's or ordinary bastard swords (which I happen to like better, Katanas seem way overdone)