View Full Version : A Fight to the Death - Jay and Silent Bob vs Cheech and Chong

2009-05-17, 06:06 PM
From time to time, I have odd thoughts. One day, at random, I began to ponder who would win in a fight to the death... Jay and Silent Bob or Cheech and Chong. I've discussed this with my friends in person, and now I'd like to hear the opinions of the GitP forum.

The rules are simple. The fighters are able to do anything that they've done before in one of the movies they were in, or anything that would realistically possible in real life or based on their previous exploits. All four would be fighting at the same time, in a 2v2 battle to the death. None of that tag team garbage.

Also, please give a REASON why you think the team you choose would beat the other. No 1 sentence answers please. Keep in mind this is not a contest of which duo is funnier or which has better movies, but an actual fight to the death.

2009-05-17, 08:47 PM
Hmmm. I'd say Jay and Silent Bob, simply because of the four of them, Bob at least has been shown to possess a fully working brain. And Batman's utility belt.

But lets face it, it's all going to end with them getting wasted together anyway.

Maybe we could make things more interesting by throwing in Harold and Kumar, Jesse and Chester from Dude Where's My Car, and those guys from Pineapple Express as well?

Jeez, Hollywood needs to get some new ideas. The "two drug addicts do funny stuff" well is beginning to run dry.

2009-05-18, 04:44 AM
I don't know that much about the characters, but isn't Silent Bob a fairly competent fighter?

2009-05-19, 09:55 AM
They wouldn't fight they'd just smoke together. It's like a Ghandi vs Mother Teresa match up. They have too much in common and are not enemies. I think a better question would be....

Who could smoke more?

In that case I'd say Cheech & Chong would win. They've smoked more in their movies that Jay and Bob.