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2009-05-23, 08:27 AM
I know of them, i just don't know where they are (ie What Book or books)
And on a related note are there any PrCs that focus on wand usage

2009-05-23, 09:10 AM
Cannith Wand Adept, in Sharn, City of Towers

2009-05-23, 09:21 AM
Though not PrC, Artificer can be built as a Wand-specialist too.

Keld Denar
2009-05-23, 10:52 AM
MM Wand Grips are in Complete Mage

2009-05-23, 11:56 AM
Ty and ty

our groups Evocation wizard has decided to ramp up his magic item building to wand level and wants to possibly pursue a focused path with them (cant get enough Fireball...)

Keld Denar
2009-05-23, 12:16 PM
Best spells to put on wands include Seeking Ray and Scorching Ray. They are relatively cheap, give decent bonus damage for their CL, and respond very well to metamagic. Scorching Ray is 750*2*3= 4500 gold, or 2250g +180 xp crafted and give 4d6 damage. Fireball would be 750*3*5= 11250g or 5625g and 450 xp crafted for 5d6 or, at max CL, 750*3*10=22500gor 11250g and 900 xp crafted for 10d6. Thats a LOT more gold for not a lot more damage, even if you are regularly affecting 2+ targets with your fireball.

Another feat he might be interested would be Metamagic Wand Trigger. You burn more charges for the ability to apply MM to a wand. If you took the above wand of Scorching Ray, put it in a MM Wand Trigger of Twin Spell, and then used MMST to Split Ray it, you'd get 4 rays @ 4d6 each, or 16d6 for the cost of 3 charges or 270g purchased/135g + ~4xp crafted.

Really, depending on how long the campaign goes, it might be worthwhile to invest in things like Pearls of Power or a Ring of Wizardry. These increases spell slots per day, are more versitile than a wand, AND cast at full strength with any particular modifiers applied. Wands really suck hard when you go against a creature with SR16 or more, and your wand is only at CL3.

2009-05-23, 01:19 PM
Im sure that's what may be a good idea, but the general line of thought was Fireball in a Stick on demand with meta-magic when the ones that were prepared for the day have run out

The player (who is also one of the DMs) doesn't give a care about it being underpowered or not, Pyro Evoker to the max
We all have Magic items made by him to resist Fire...