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2009-05-23, 11:34 AM
I have distinct passion for Sports and for gaming.

So much that I often am torn between spending time doing either.

Most of my web surfing is spent checking ESPN and then coming to this site or other gaming forums.

Often I'll be at work day dreaming about what adventure I am going to plan for my friends and then will be thinking about my fantasy football team.

From my gathered knowledge on this subject people who are very passionate about sports or gaming tend to be diametrically opposed to each other. I find that both sides can be rather closed minded on the subject.

Are there any other crazies out there that Love playing d and d and warhammer on Friday night, then watching the game on sunday? (so to speak)

If so, what teams do you tend to favor and what games do you play? (Might be writing a paper on this very subject)

My teams:
Detroit Lions
Buffalo Sabres

My Games:
D and D
Warhammer 40k
Magic (occasionally)

Eh Eh?

(If this thread is similar to an earlier thread, I apologize)

2009-05-23, 11:46 AM
College football is where it's at!

2009-05-23, 11:55 AM
I'm in this group as well.
American Football (I still feel a need to call it 'American' since I'm in the UK) is the game I'm more or less obsessed with.

I follow the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL, and then try to watch a few college games here and there.
I also officiate in the British American Football League during the summer and the British University League during the winter.

Gaming wise, favourite games at the moment are DnD (3.5 or 4e) and GURPS, although I'll happily try most anything if it sounds interesting.

2009-05-23, 02:17 PM
I am also a geek/jock combo.

XBox 360

Sports (Spectator):
"American" Football
Oh hell, I'll watch anything....

Sports (Participant):
Football (pick up games in the park count, right?)

2009-05-23, 02:27 PM
I think you'll find quite a few of us around here dabble in gaming and sports.

I'm not a HUGE sports fan, but I do love me some (American) college football, and watch a bit of pro football, too. My college team is, of course, my alma mater and future grad school (http://www.ecupirates.com/), and my pro teams are Carolina Panthers (the home team) and the Patriots (moreso because my dad's whole family is from New England and I think it's mandatory that I like them :smalltongue:).

I also occasionally watch British Premier League soccer/"football," but not that often since it's only ever on at like 4am here. Not a fan of basketball, baseball, or most other sports, though.

I'm a big gaming nerd, though, too. D&D's my main game (3.x and 4E), but I'm interested in (but can never find folks to play) other RPGs. I do a bit of console gaming, too, most Rock Band 2 and the Call of Duty series.

2009-05-23, 05:58 PM
Dude I Love Munchkin!

2009-05-23, 06:00 PM
I love playing soccer, although not watching it. What I like to watch is football. Go Patriots!

Mr. Mud
2009-05-23, 06:15 PM
Phft, 1v1 Soccer match any day, anytime, I'm down. *Is a goalkeeper in a Strikers body* :smalltongue:.

2009-05-23, 06:16 PM
Phft, 1v1 Soccer match any day, anytime, I'm down. *Is a goalkeeper in a Strikers body* :smalltongue:.

And I'm purely a defense man, just not a goalee. We should form a playground-team.

Mr. Mud
2009-05-23, 06:50 PM
And I'm purely a defense man, just not a goalee. We should form a playground-team.

Mhm. We should start some sort of draft... :smalltongue:.

But yeah, I love all types of football... Of course, collegian is best, but the NFL has its moments. Basketball and a few other sports with less contact also gain my approval... I'm looking at you, swimming.

2009-05-23, 08:17 PM
I used to play the wing on my old soccer team. I wasn't too good, but I was the best on my team apart from my buddy Trent.
I was also a rather...aggressive defender :smalltongue: Most of the people playing were only playing because it was on the nights football wasnt, so they attempted to play a bit more...physical, shall we say, than most. I gave that back in kind, and seemed to always find a way for their own agressiveness to be a downfall.
Hooray for martial arts teaching me the mechanics of the human body :smallwink:

2009-05-24, 12:32 AM
Mhm. We should start some sort of draft... :smalltongue:.

I can play... Whatever position needs you to hit people hard and kick with vigor but not necessarily accuracy...

It was funny, because I am exactly the same as the OP. First I hit up ESPN, then I open GITP in the other tab, and flip back and forth as one or the other loads...

On this forum, you'll find everyone, I'd say. I'm actually a member of a sizable group of gamer/jocks. Half my high school lacrosse team (and we were a serious team for Tennessee) played D&D when practice got rained out... We still play these days over the summer.

2009-05-24, 01:30 AM
well, im a rugby player, played flank, wing, inside center, out side center. Till my collar bone broke this session. What can u do but go cheer on the side lines, and let ur buddies borrow your equipment.

And since sports include huntin, fishin, quadin, hikin. So add those to the list

aggressiveness is somethin i know of, along with no fear. When u have 15 guys wanting to pretty much destroy you playing rugby you cant be afraid. Run straight at them an try to make a couple yards, and place the ball on your team side

2009-05-24, 07:00 AM
Yeah the weird thing was all the sports I played weren't really spectator sports.

I did the seasonal thing, Volleyball in the Fall, Wrestling in the winter, and Discus and Shot-put in the spring.

But for some reason I love (AM) football and Hockey the most. Though watching the sports I played during the Olympics is pretty cool.

On to another point.

My gaming group is kind of divided on this issue. Me and my one friend are huge football fans (he has season tickets to the Buffalo Bills). While the other 4 don't really care much for sports. Two of them even played sports in high school. They are rather indifferent to sports as well but they kind of make fun of us for being "nutso" over a game.

They still aren't as bad as the "gaming" group at my alma mater (i am going back to school somewhere else). I went to one meeting a semester to try and find anyone that was just as afraid of some of those people as I was and see if they wanted to game with my friends there. I would even mention something sports related and they would look at me like I was asking them for a kidney. Needless to say I felt kind of like a prostitute

This led to a lot of people missing out on some great hobbying/gaming. I was playing some 40k one time and a group of lacrosse players came by where we were playing as my gf and her friend were secretly looking on from behind a door. From what she said they were like, "What are they doing in there"

And she kind of laughed a bit and said, "Oh they're just playing with their little dolls. It's like little plastic soldiers that you use dice to fight with".

They all were enthralled and started looking in and we looked and saw them, invited them in. They went on to explain how they had heard about this game but were afraid to approach the people who were advertising the "gaming club", "because they smelled like cheetos and BO". To me it seemed like that stereotypes held back these people from enjoying a great game. I explained to them that there are many people out there who do infact play sports and enjoy sports who will chuck dice with the best of us.

2009-05-24, 07:55 AM
My gaming group is kind of divided on this issue. Me and my one friend are huge football fans (he has season tickets to the Buffalo Bills).

I don't know if that qualifies as being a football fan. More like just a glutton for punishment.

2009-05-24, 12:02 PM
Actually, there's a game for people who like sports and gaming. Blood Bowl (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_Bowl).