View Full Version : So uh.

2009-05-23, 06:59 PM
What happens to this forum?

The Giant
2009-05-23, 07:14 PM
For the moment, nothing.

Unfortunately, there's no way to transfer posts to the new Erfworld.com forums, so eventually, this board will just be locked. But not for a few months at least. After that, it will probably exist in a read-only fashion until we take down the Erfworld comics, sometime in 2010 or so.

2009-05-23, 07:16 PM
Thanks. :)

The Rose Dragon
2009-05-24, 08:04 AM
Is it OK if we continue Erfworld discussion in the general Webcomics forum after this forum is closed?

2009-05-24, 11:28 AM
In a year's time? Won't we be better off convening on the Erfworld site's own forums by then?

The Rose Dragon
2009-05-24, 11:33 AM
Well, I'm already a Tool there, but there will always be people who may not have an account there.