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2006-05-17, 10:12 PM
Based of the Fishing in D&D thread...

Magma Fish
Magical Beast
Fire Subtype
HP 15d10 +105 (200)
AC 25 (-1 Size, +1 Dexterity, +15 Natural)

Strength 22 +6
Dexterity 12 +1
Constitution 25 +7
Intelligence 4 -3
Wisdom 5 -2
Charisma 10

Fish Form
Bite +20 2d6+9+2d8 Fire Damage
Slam +15 5d6+9+2d8 Fire Damage

Giant Form
2 Slams +20 3d6+2d8 Fire Damage

Special Abilities:
Great Heat
Burning skin
Magma Sense (120 feet)

Saves Fort +12, Reflex +6, Will +3

Grouping: Solitary, School (5-20)

Treasure: Special

Special Abilities

Great Heat: Due to very extreme temperature of it's body, cold attacks do not affect a Magma the way they do other fire based creautres. Instead, they only take regular damage instead of double damage.

Burning Skin: Due to it's great heat, a Magma fish does fire damage with each hit it makes in melee. Also, and creature that hits a Magma Fish with a touch attack or with a natural weapon, takes 1d6 fire damage per successful hit.

Polymorph: A Magma Fish has the ability to Polymorph, though it is limited to one form, that of a large flaming giant. This allows a Magma Fish to operate on land.

Magma Sense: This ability functions just like tremor sense, save it only works in magma and lava.

Treasure: Due to the special nature of their existance, Magma Fish have very special skeletal structures. If a party searches (after letting the body cool slightly) they find the skin of the fish turns into a brittle stone. If they want, they can attempt to break (AC 10, Hardness 10, Break DC 15). Once broken, it reveals the bones beneath. Roll 1d4 on the table below to find out what kind of bones the fish has.

1: Adamantine
2: Mithral
3: Gold
4: Silver

Each fish has about 100 pounds of bones in their bodies.

No one knows exactly were Magma Fish first come from. Perhaps they are the result of a magical experiment, or were put there by the gods. All that is known is that when large numbers gather inside of a single volcano, it makes said volcano prone to eruption. Magma Fish normally live in the subterranean depths beneath the continental crust, but will gather to breed.


2006-05-17, 10:53 PM
You win ten internets.

2006-05-18, 12:01 AM
Yay! It's epic fishing! :D

2006-05-18, 01:27 AM
Did you mean CR left out deliberately?


looking at the CR's of the fire elementals, it seems like it fits in about CR 8 (right between Huge and Greater fire elemental).

If you want to... seeing as how its coated in magma... you could add these abilities for increases in CR:

Aura of Heat: The heat from a Volcano fish is so intense that every round, creatures within 20 feet of a Volcano fish automatically take 1d4 points of fire damage, and are also affected as if by a Heat metal spell as long as they stay within 20 feet of the creature.

Burning Skin (add-on): Whenever a volcano fish successfully deals fire damage to a creature through its own melee attacks or through a creature attacking it, the affected creature must make a DC 15 reflex save to avoid catching on fire.

2006-05-18, 02:19 AM
I think that the "Crazy volcano fisherman" as an NPC would form a nice little mini-quest. Years ago while adventuring he "saw somethin' a-swimmin' in thar" and has devoted his life to catching the bugger ever since. Maybe the PCs have some kind of miscellaneous magic item that would be "the perfect bait."

2006-05-18, 07:46 AM
Er... [rummages through SRD] Um - CR = 8? That's what the SRD seems to say, but it seems low.

I see a Jaws scenario centred around a Fire Giant community terrorised by one of these... *;D

2006-05-18, 08:32 AM
I can see the volcano errupt spewing burning fish all over the local countryside ;D

2006-05-18, 10:36 AM
It's a good beasty, but it still lacks that certain je ne c'est qois that sends it into truly Tribble-ific lunacy. You could maybe give it a ground-melting SQ something like the Gibbering Mouther has? Battlefield control madness :D

"Huh? Why are my boots burning?"

2006-05-18, 12:12 PM
I saw them as beginning to cool off when they got out, unless they went for their fire giant forms, but then the heat stays close to what it was originally. AS for them just then causing random destruction, well, you didn't really think the volcano was capable annihalating that much did you?

2006-05-18, 12:52 PM
The big question here is how do Volcano Fish taste? As a corollary, are they self-cooking?

2006-05-18, 01:24 PM
I would not suggest eating one. Their bodies are primarilly made of metal and stone.

2006-05-18, 01:28 PM
So they're crunchy then? ;D

Add BBQ sauce to them and they'll be perfectly edible. BBQ sauce makes anything edible.

2006-05-18, 01:45 PM
This beast reminds me of a short story I read once, which I want to say was Arthur C. Clarke but I'm not sure. Anyway there were these huge weird manta-ray/phoenix things that lived inside the sun.

2006-05-21, 04:55 AM
This beast reminds me of a short story I read once, which I want to say was Arthur C. Clarke but I'm not sure. *Anyway there were these huge weird manta-ray/phoenix things that lived inside the sun.

Stephen Baxter? He did a series of stories about the Photino Birds, these weird dark matter entities that lived inside suns. Gawd, they were scarey!