View Full Version : Queen Bavmorda In The Forgotten Realms

2009-05-29, 11:23 PM
Queen Bavmorda, in 1988 D&D (If thats the system they used for Willow Campaign) was a level 36 magic-user. In the movie, Queen Bavmorda turned over one thousand/many hundreds of soldiers and knights into pigs with a single spell. In the books she has said to have spells that effected miles of landscape.

Queen Bavmorda had the power to challenge and/or defeat Cherlindrea within her forest. (Cherlindrea is at least as powerful as an Exharch.) So, Queen Bavmorda has shown the following feats in magic: telekinesis, an epic transformation spell, the ability to set an enemy on fire, surviving being frozen in ice, and letting out a demonic roar. So, because, primarily of Queen Bavmorda's epic transform spell, I think she is at least 21st level.

So, if you translate Queen Bavmorda's 2nd Edition stats from a level 36 wizard to 3.0 or 3.5, what level wizard would she be? And how powerful would Queen Bavmorda be in Faerun before the Spell Plague?