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Alair Koraius
2009-05-29, 11:29 PM
From Massachusetts. My dad got a job with the foreign service, and seeing how I am in no way gonna make it in MA on my own, I'm tagging along while I still can.

So, there's good news (hopefully) and bad news.

Bad news is; I'm leaving all my friends back here on the east coast, so I won't see them unless I save up the money to come visit.

Good news: I can make new friends! :D

So, you may be asking:

'Mr. Antisocial Alair who I haven't seen in my entire life,' -- (unless you have, in which case Hi again, sorry I haven't been around much, Jury Duty + tying up the loose ends around MA...) -- 'how on earth do you plan on making new friends when you don't get out of the house except for Jury duty (noting that you have to go or they'll arrest you)?'

AHA! -- I will say -- Until you realize my cunning plan! I have the internet! I have you guys! I'm posting here, asking if any of you live in the area, and would be willing to say hello!

To which I'm sure I'm getting more than a few odd looks and have driven people off entirely through my sugar-rush-induced monologue, but nonetheless, the request remains!

If you live in the Vancouver area, or, hell, even if you don't, I'm looking for friends/gamers to connect with, so shoot me an IM (AIM is ArchmageGrayheim), a PM, or respond to this post, I look forward to meeting ya. ;3

P.S: I don't actually move to Vancouver until the end of July, I'm just doing this as a preemptive greeting.

2009-05-29, 11:51 PM
Just in time for the Olympics... :smallsmile:

2009-05-30, 12:40 AM
I'd like to move to Vancouver when I'm done with college. It's supposed to be one of the nicest cities in the world, so I hope you enjoy it. Bring an umbrella, though.