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2009-05-30, 02:53 AM
Hi Playground.

I live in the Philippines and the local distributor has decided that they will not sell the 4e minis. Although this is not such a huge loss for me, I would have still like to get the Tiefling Warlord pack if only for the Cutting Word at will power for my Bard.

Could anyone please post or pm me the power?

My bard and his partymates encountered this blood ooze thing and two bloody screaming zombies. We were level 7 and although we won, it ate up all our dailies and a chockful of healing surges. I think they were level 11 too. What made it bad was the fact that we were forced to engage them in neck deep water (required swim checks to move but wirth no chance of drowning). We retreated to the shore but the screamers just started shooting us with psychic damage while the warlock and sorc shot at them back. The fighter and the pally just tried to kill the ooze in the water.

If only I had cutting words, I know I could have taken the battle to dry ground where we wouldn't have been so disadvantaged.