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2006-04-04, 02:14 PM
Yay for me who has made an angel who does NOT have the sole purpose of fighting evil using violence. Did I fail to mention that it is probably not very well made? Or perhaps it is the opposite?

Angel, Mial

Size/type: Medium Outsider (Angel, Extraplanar, Good)
Hit Dice: 20d8+140 (244 hp)
Initiative: +13
Speed: 50 ft. (10 squares) fly 100 ft (perfect).
Armor Class: 42 (dex 11, exalted 12, natural armor 4, deflection 5), touch 26, flat-footed 31
Base Attack/Grapple: +20/+22
Attack: +6 merciful heavy bow +32 (1d10+1d6+17 nonlethal) ranged or merciful antenna +29 (1d8+1d6+7 nonlethal) melee.
Full attack: +6 merciful heavy bow +32/+32/+27/+22 (1d10+1d6+17 nonlethal) or merciful antenna +29/+24/+19 (1d8+1d6+9 nonlethal) melee.
Space/Reach: 5 ft./10 ft.
Special attacks: Careful aim, charming gaze, death throes, encourage, magic arrows, quick fire, spell like abilities, spells.
Special Qualities: Alter form, damage reduction 25/epic, evil, darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, immunity to acid, cold, and petrification, protective aura, resistance to electricity 25, fire 25 and sonic 15, spell resistance 30 (34 against evil spells), tongues, endure elements, improved evasion, mettle, endless ammunition, freedom of movement mind shielding, regeneration, greater sustenance, calming aura, shatter weapon, regeneration.
Saves: Fort +22 (+26 against poison.), +26 Ref, +26 Will
Abilities: Str 14, Dex 32, Con 24, Int 22, Wis 32, Cha 28. *
Skills: Concentration +30, Diplomacy +42, Heal +34, Knowledge Religion +29, Listen +34, Perform (sing) +32, Search +29, Sense Motive +36, Spellcraft +31 (+33 for scrolls), Spot +34, Tumble +34, Use Magic Device +34 (+36 for scrolls)
Feats: Sacred Vow**, Vow of Non-violence**, Vow of Peace**, Exalted Spell Resistance, Gift of Faith, Improved Initiative, Holy radiance, Holy Subdual, Negotiator, Nimbus of Light, Magical Aptitude, Mobility, Stigmata, Subduing strike, Vow of Abstinence, Vow of Chastity, Vow of Obedience, Vow of Poverty, Vow of Purity, Weapon Finesse, Words of Creation,
Environment: Any.
Organisation: Solitary, pair, group (1-2 Mial + 4-7 other creatures)
Challenge Rating: 21+
Treasure: None.
Alignment: Always good (any).
Advancement: 21-60 HD (medium).
Level Adjustment: -

Before you stand a young looking girl of incredible beauty. She is clothed in colourful clothes and has a warm, friendly smile across her face. Her skin flashes from red to yellow to blue. Her entire aura reeks of compassion. Her voice is soft like a summer breeze. However, where her left hand should be, there is instead a bow coloured in the colours of the rainbow, and from her forehead, two long yellow antennas sprout out and reach for the ground.

Mials are timid angels of incredible beauty. In their natural form they look like young female humanoids, but thanks to their “Alter form” ability, they can take on many various looks. An Mial, despite her incredible power and her unique natural weapons, is actually a messenger of peace. Mials are found everywhere and not only on the upper planes. They are usually found on the material plane where they work to encourage goodness and work to inspire hope. An Mial never turns to violence unless there is no other way and in those situations, she never kills her opponents. An Mial would rather work behind the scenes and encourage heroic and good behaviour in mortals, even those who are usually evil.

If the Mial is ever forced into battle, she usually stays as far away from her opponent and fires away with the +3 merciful bow that is a part of her or tries to use her spell like abilities to avoid bloodshed, or get innocents to safety. If she is prevented from staying away from her opponent, she instead moves close and assaults with her merciful antenna.

A Mials natural weapon, as well as any weapons she wields, is treated as good-aligned and epic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Alter Form (su): An Mial can change herself into any living creature at will as a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity. This works like the spell “alter self” except that the Mial can become any creature, regardless of size and type.

Calming aura: All creatures that come within 20 feet of an Mial must make a DC 35 will save or be affected as by the calm emotions spell. Creatures that leave the aura and re-enter it make new saving throws. A creature that makes a successful saving throw and remains in the aura is unaffected until it leaves the aura and re-enters. The save DC is charisma based.

Careful aim: An Mial can add her dexterity bonus to damage, as well as to her attack bonus when attacking with a ranged weapon.

Charming Gaze (su): As a full round action, an Mial can use a gaze attack to charm a creature within fifty feet of her. Any creature who meets the Mials gaze must make a will save (DC 19) or be charmed. (CL 20)

Death Throes (su): When killed, an Mial and her natural weapons disappear in a flash of light that cures all good and neutral aligned creatures within 100 feet for 150 points of damage. Evil outsiders and undead take 150 points of damage instead (Will DC 19 half). The save DC is charisma based.

Encourage (ex): An Mial can, as a standard action, encourage an ally to do better. By shouting cheering words, the creature gains a *+2 competence bonus to saves, skill checks, attacks rolls, damage rolls and armor class for as long as he/she can see the Mial and for 1d4 minutes afterwards. This ability can be enhanced by the “Words of Creation”, but speaking those words deal 3d6 points of nonlethal damage to the Mial.

Endless ammunition (su): An Mial can create new arrows for her bow as a free action.

Improved Evasion (ex): An Mial take no damage on a successful Reflex saving throw and half damage on a failed one.

Magic Arrows (su): An Mial can add different special qualities to her arrows. At her option, any arrow she fires can have one of these properties… brilliant, charming***, disrupting, distance, ghost touch, healing***, holy, or seeking.

Mettle (ex): An Mial takes no effect from spells where a successful will or fort save gives partial effects.

Quick fire (ex): When making a full attack with her bow, an Mial gains another attack at her full base attack bonus. This stacks with other spells and abilities that give extra attacks per round.

Regenerate: An Mial takes normal damage from evil weapons.

Shatter weapon (su): If an Mial is struck by a manufactured weapon, the weapon must immediately make a DC 31 fortitude save or shatter harmlessly. The save DC is constitution based.

Spell like abilities:
At will – aid, atonement, awaken, bless, calm animals, calm emotions, cure critical wounds, daylight, death ward, ease pain*, estanna’s stew*, freedom of movement, gentle repose, good hope, guidance, healing touch*, heart’s ease*, heroism greater, holy aura, invisibility, light, neutralize poison, prayer, ray of hope*, refreshment*, remove nausea*, sanctuary, see invisibility, greater teleport, twilight luck*, vision of heaven*, undeath to death, *Yoke of Mercy*, 3/day – cure critical wounds mass, energetic healing*, freedom, heal, plane shift, starmantle* 1/day – end to strife*, heal mass, sublime revelry*. Caster level 20th. The save DC are wisdom based.

Spell casting: An Mial casts spells as a 20th level cleric.

Once each year an Mial can use the miracle as the spell (caster level 20th)

* spell from “book of exalted deeds”.
** racial feats.
*** new arrows.
**** With vow of poverty.

Charming: Target must make a will save equal to 10 + ½ HD + charisma modifier.
Healing: Target heals damage instead of taking it.

Phew. Have I made yet another horrible abomination? Only time will tell.

2006-04-04, 02:24 PM
A +3 Merciful bow in the hands of someone with a Vow of Poverty? * ???

I thought VoP takers couldn't have magic or masterwork items? *That they would donate it to a temple or something?

Edit: And the healing as she goes? So if there's a group of them in combat getting slammed, one will commit suicide to help out her allies? What if a Neutral creature attacks her? She can only do non-lethal, and when she dies, ALL BETTAH!

2006-04-04, 02:59 PM
The bow is a part of her. Fixed to her hand.

2006-04-04, 03:07 PM
A +3 Merciful bow in the hands of someone with a Vow of Poverty? * ???

I thought VoP takers couldn't have magic or masterwork items? *That they would donate it to a temple or something?

Edit: And the healing as she goes? *So if there's a group of them in combat getting slammed, one will commit suicide to help out her allies? *What if a Neutral creature attacks her? *She can only do non-lethal, and when she dies, ALL BETTAH!

The bow is actually a natural weapon, replacing the left hand. Likewise, the arrows are created as a supernatural ability. There is nothing that can be donated.

This type of angel woudn't really ever be in a large group in combat.

I don't see why only having merciful weapons is that big of a disadvantage. It can still disable its foes, and once they are down, it can bombard them with its infinite supply of Charming Arrows.

2006-04-05, 01:47 AM
Looking at this creature (As requested ;) ) I think what you've come up with is good, but it doesn't quite balance with how the standard angels work.

If you adjusted some of it's abilities, to bring it more into line with some of the others, I'd put it in at a solid CR21. This things shouldn't be faced prior to epic, but only really low epic.

To bring it into line, I would probably give it more Hitdie(Probably another 15), give it immunities instead of resistances, and change the final burst so that it is a burst of positive energy, aligned with good.

Good creatures are healed 1d8 x the hitdie of the MIAL, neutral creatures take no effect, and evil creatures are harmed 1d8 x the hitdie of the MIAL.

The Bow should be increased to +6(Epic) and the Damage reduction should be 25/Epic, Evil.

Giving it Divine Grace wouldn't be a bad move either.

If you do that, I can see this being a very nasty NPC or plot device for the party to come across.

2006-04-05, 03:14 AM
Or a very helpful ally if you're running a good-aligned party. ;)

healing arrow attacks? I mean, granted, you're still getting an arrow stuck in you, but if its casting a Heal spell on you, it's all good.

2006-04-05, 03:41 AM
A pacifistic Solar. GJ Maryring.

With all its resistances, Imp. Evasion, Mettle, etc. I can see this being an infuriating thing to fight, but the sort of ally good-aligned Pcs cheer for.

I'll agree on it being a CR 21 (especially with all those SLAs). Have you run this thing through a combat encounter with its opposite numbers (Balor or Pit Fiend) at all? I'm betting it'll be able to stand up to them so long as it can maintain its distance.

2006-04-05, 06:34 AM
:-[ No I haven't. I think I should though. It would be... erm, intresting to see a little girl fight against a large fiend. Especially since I've forgotten most of the bonuses the exalted vows give her.

Rei_Jin, I think that the only thing I can do to make it more in tune with the other MM angels is to give it Cleric spell casting and regeneration. And with that, I think it might even overpower a Solar, but why not. I like it so I think I'll do it.

If you do that, I can see this being a very nasty NPC or plot device for the party to come across.
Now is it very smart of you to tell me that? ;) ;D

2006-04-05, 08:41 PM
Ok, give it spellcasting equal to it's hitdie.

Oh, and one thing I just noticed:- You didn't give it Sacred Vow, the pre-req for all those Vow feats.

Ignore the Hitdie if you give it the spellcasting.

2006-04-06, 12:54 AM
It does have sacred vow. Just look over there ^^

2006-04-06, 01:38 AM
Bah! Foiled again! :-[

You threw me because not all the vows are in the same place.