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2009-05-31, 09:53 AM
So, my friend has coaxed me into getting a Longboard and to be honest I'm loving it. It is a fairly basic Urban Blue longboard.

Anyway, my question is twofold. The first is are there any other longboarders in the playground?

And the second is if there are any longboarders can you suggest some tips for keeping my board in proper condition?

Mr. Mud
2009-05-31, 01:45 PM
I do in fact longboard, a lot actually, but I'm not the sterotypical "Let's smoke weed and be a public disturbance" boarder... Although I may or may not cause disturbance :smalltongue:.

Just make sure you don't do anything to dangerous that would otherwise endanger your baby Longboard. Here's a abridged verizon of what I'd tell you :smalltongue::


1) KEEP DRY, STAY AWAY FROM WATER. Water will destroy your bearings immediately. If for some odd reason you need to ride your bearings through water you should lube the bearings with grease. Grease will protect the working components longer then oil. Oiled bearings are faster but will also rust if exposed to water.

2) DON’T TOUCH THE SEALS WITH THE SKATE TOOL OR WRENCH WHEN INSTALLING!! When installing the bearings tightening down the nut, DO NOT TOUCH THE SEAL. Skate tools can crush or smash the seal. Only put the skate tool over the nut enough to turn the nut and keep the tool from touching the seal, at all, during installation.

3) AS SOON AS YOU HEAR YOUR BEARINGS MAKING NOISE, NOT SPIN FREELY, OR GETS WET STOP!!! Don’t continue to use the bearings. Don’t rotate dirty bearings. You are now due to clean and re-lubricate your bearings.

Lubricate your bearings after every 50 hours of riding. The oil will run out usually before the bearings get dirty. Your bearings must be kept clean and lubricated to keep them alive! How long your bearings last depends on you.

1) Carefully remove the non-contact seal with a bent paper clip or something similar. The paper clip must be small enough to fit between the cage and the outer race. Push the seal out with the end of the paper clip or tool from the opposite side by sliding the tool through the opening between the ball cage and the outer ring. The seal should pop out easily. Be careful not to bend seal. Seal must stay straight.

2) It is not necessary or recommended to completely disassemble bearing. You can clean bearings just fine with the bearing “open”.

3) Soak your bearings in your cleaning solution. What solution…Good question and a lot of people have opinions. Unlike most cleaning instructions I’ve seen for bearings. I will not use anything but solvents. Environmental people may not like to hear that but I’m concerned what is best for the bearing. DO NOT use water based cleaners, detergents, Citrus based cleaners or WD40! Some of these aqueous type cleaners use “surfactants” to clean the bearings. Surfactants and penetrates can hurt the “wet ability” of the steel, not allowing oil and grease to stick to the surface of the steel properly. I recommend using kerosene or mineral spirits as a Preliminary wash. Don’t use Isopropyl Alcohol for your initial wash however we are going to use it later. With kerosene and mineral spirits the bearings can even be soaked overnight if needed however, with low concentration Alcohol 70% left overnight, bearings could rust. Soak bearings for at least a few minutes to give solvent a chance to dissolve the dirty lubricant and contaminants. I like using a little stainless steel strainer with one or two bearings at a time and “dunk” then and “agitate” them in the solvent. Try to skim on top and let oil/dirt fall to bottom. Repeat process in clean solvent in new container. After bearing is completely clean and free of foreign matter switch over to the Isopropyl Alcohol, the higher the concentration the better. The sole purpose of the Alcohol will be to “rinse” the bearing and remove all “solvent residue”. This step is important to assure the surface of the steel is ready for lubrication. Shake or agitate the bearings in the Alcohol, remembering not to leave in alcohol for very long. No soaking is required at this point. The alcohol should evaporate and leave you a “bone dry” bearing. Use a blow dryer and make sure bearing is COMPLETELY dry and cooled down before adding lube. This is very important.

4) Do not wash seals in solvent. Very carefully wipe the seal down with a little alcohol on a lint free rag if necessary. Replace the seal making sure it seats in the inner and outer ring grooves.

5) Add 2 drops of skate lubricant. Use grease if you are only going to sidewalk skate. Only add enough grease to fill three ball pockets.

6) ???

7) Profit!

Feel free to PM me any questions, advice, experiences, awesome stories :smallcool:.

2009-05-31, 03:02 PM
Haha, to be fair compared to most of the people who live in my area I'm an angel when it comes to public disturbance. Plus I dress nu-metal with gothic and indie tendencies so I get singled out for a lot of abuse board or no board. I just pride myself in the knowledge that I have more GCSE's than they have IQ. ^_^ Although I do like my brandy....... <.<

You have any tips on learning how to ride? I have had my board for about two weeks now, and because I don't see my friend who got me on a board much, I have been really learning by trial and error.

2009-05-31, 08:58 PM
I know a lot of longboarders. They also do speedboarding. As long as you know proper breaking technique you're pretty cool. Just watch out for speed wobble. A big problem with long flexy boards that can see you take a bad wipeout.