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2009-06-03, 12:13 AM
Hi all,

On Tuesday, June 9th, at 10pm PDT, my music showcase program, Songwriter Sacramento, debuts on local cable channel 17. While it's "only" a cable access show, I think we managed to make a program that's far above the standard access fare, both in content and production values. It will also stream online at that time, link down below for that.

It's a one-hour show featuring a musical performances and an interview focused on one local artist. This episode is Autumn Sky, a young singer/songwriter who has an amazingly powerful voice and a depth to her writing that means she could hit with a major label at any time.

I really wanted something that a viewer could come away really knowing both the music and the artist as a person, and I think the format I came up with works to do that.

We tape the music in the station's studio with a full 3-camera broadcast quality set of equipment, then I tape the interview separately. I then edit the interview in between the songs, using the answers to questions about each song as the lead-in, plus other general questions about the artist's process and background.

This means I can arrange everything in post-edit to build something of a story about the artist. This is where my prose writing and editing experience has really come in handy. This "discovery" and showcasing of new talent also scratches the same itch as when I editing my fantasy webzine.

I have to give a lot of credit to my director and the camera crew, they really gave me a lot of pro-quality shots and transitions that really highlight the performance nicely.

I have three more really great local songwriters lined up for future shows, but for now the schedule will be here and there until I establish enough consistency to obtain a regular timeslot from the station.

Anyway, for more info:

My page that will have updates and other information.

Home page of the station. The online streams are accessed from the front page, the "Channel 17" button in the case of my show. The 3 airings:

June 9th, 10pm PDT
June 10th, 2pm PDT
June 11th, 6am PDT

The artists lined up so far:


And finally, a while back I shot a half-hour "pilot" with Autumn on my camcorder to test my format concept. It turned out pretty well for the first attempt I think.

Demo Pilot (http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&VideoID=55047063)

Anyway, I hope some of you get a chance to tune in when these air and let me know what you think.

Also, if anybody has any questions on how to become involved with their own local access station, or just want some tips on how to make your camcorder clips stand out from the standard YouTube clips, ask away. :smallcool:

2009-06-09, 02:51 PM
A bump just to remind everybody that this is tonight. :smallbiggrin:

Somebody also posted a nice article with a couple of videos of one of my future artists, Ricky Berger (http://sacinstereo.blogspot.com/2009/06/video-sammies-nominee-ricky-berger.html). The videos are really good examples of why I want her on my show, she plays 2 instruments at once in the first one!