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2009-06-05, 02:10 AM
So I just woke up. And I have seen the future. They are coming...

Transmission Begins - 05062009-2007
I was walking around near my home, a few miles from the house. It's a beautiful night with the moon so huge in the sky I don't even need a torch to see as I pick my way along the hillside. I'm looking for a nice weighty branch for my little brother. His nature project has all the small bits but it needs a nice thick branch to complete it, to center all the seeds and leaves around. I tell you this to help you understand. I was once a normal person. I once had so very little to worry about in the world.

I looked up at the stars and saw a constellation I had never seen before. I don't know what drew my eye to it at first. Maybe it was the way it twinkled. I snapped a picture on my camera phone anyway. With the loch illuminated in moonlight it was so pretty...

As my fingers closed around the branch I could feel a humming beneath my feet. The earth was shaking with power. As I turned to look out over the loch, a huge beam of light blasts out of it into the clear night sky towards the constellation. Then the stars changed colour. First blue and yellow, then green, changing, flashing, spinning in a constant pattern. It was then I realised that it was not a constellation...something was above the planet. I ran to my car and fled home. All over the sky, lights were glowing. I skidded the car into the driveway, rushed into the house and began to bar the doors. My family thought I had gone mad. Until they put on the light and saw my face, the terror. We locked up as best we could and watched the news.

Details were sketchy at first. Reports of hooded people, sometimes only a few feet tall, travelling in packs to some nearing ten feet, all wearing jet black robes and hoods prowling the streets and in gardens. People began to vanish, homes with windows caved in and people snatched from their beds. It was happening around the world. From the streets of Los Angeles, came a grainy cell-phone video of an attack on a group of people in the evening sun. The phone was found on the sidewalk, completely alone. It had over 50 million views on Youtube by sunrise. It was then they came for us. I doubt it was intentional or they even targetted me specifically back then. But they do now....

They appeared in the back garden, instantly. I blinked and there they were. They shattered the back door window.
I watched with horror as these tiny little black robes, child sized, swarmed into my house. We resisted, though we were relucatant to swing and stab at the child sized creatures. That is, I was reluctant. Until I saw the knives whip out from under the robes and they began to kill my family. I threw two of them into a wall and they crumpled. The next two met with a heavy dining room chair to the head. And the last one had his neck crushed in the door. It was then that I got a look at them. Small creatures, green skin with sharp teeth. Goblinoid features the news would say while it still could. Like from the stories I read as a kid. Within a minute, six more arrived, flanked by two other robes, nearly 10 feet tall. These, I couldn't see. But they were strong. They lifted me off the ground and suddenly we were somewhere else.

We arrived in a place that was so very bizarre, a cross between the set of Star Trek and a castle. The walls were stone or seemed to be but computer systems covered in weird symbols were all around. It was then I saw the Earth. We were in orbit...

I was dragged through some corridors and we went through an impressive set of doors that looked like oak into of all things, a throne room. And that was how I met Lord Xykon. In the chair was a skeleton, robed in deep purple. But the eyes glowed red and there was a hint of blue or purple fire wreathing the bones that I could see. I was thrown at it's bony feet and what I guess must of been an advisor or something stepped forward and waved some sort of religious symbol at me and suddenly I could understand all the chatter around me. But then the skeleton spoke and the noise died away to that horrible rasping voice. He said he was pleased that some of this planet could fight and they would take great pains to make me suffer for hurting their troops but he claimed it was mostly for his amusement. He motioned to the far side of the room where I could see other people being "studied" as the advisor called it. I suppose they were studying in a twisted way. They were incinerating them, shooting electricity into them, even a few being injected with something I guess was a poison. The victims foamed at the mouth and writhed horribly for a few minutes anyway...
I'm sorry. This is going on too long. My escape and arrival here are not important. The landing craft had to be destroyed in case there was a tracker in it so I don't have a ship or any real means of power. But I need your help.

My name is Matt. And I am from Inverness, Scotland, the United Kingdom, Earth in the Sol System of the Milky Way. Universe designation 7. Apparently. And I need help to save my world from the threat of Xykon's Armies. Please...help me. If there are others from Earth out there, please find me. Together, we will take back our home.
End Transmission

In perhaps a hint that I should not eat so much cheese, this was the dream I had last night. Xykon and Redcloak, invading Earth in some kind of ship. And I end up in a lucky escape on some planet light years away where an order of psychic monks take me in and begin to teach me how to REALLY use my mind...
As I come up with the details, I'll add more to this potential campaign idea.

Narf the Mouse
2009-06-05, 03:36 AM
I suggest learning lucid dreaming.

2009-06-05, 01:40 PM
I suggest learning lucid dreaming.

I studied it a while back but never mastered the art of being able to trigger it often as I have a weird style of dreaming. Namely, I'm not usually in them. I dream in a third person perspective and I'm usually not even there as a physical body. This makes it hard to assert any control over the dream unfortunately. On the other hand, when I put my mind to it, my dream recall is excellent as a result.