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2009-06-05, 09:10 AM
Has anyone seen it? I have read a little bit about it on Wikipedia and noticed that Best Buy Online has the entire miniseries on sale for about 10 dollars. A recent acquaintance has recommended it, but I am not sure how well our "likes" jive. From lurking on this forum for a while, it seems that I share the same tastes as many of you (with the exception of Dr. Horrible it seems). It stars the same guy that starred in Sportsnight... which I absolutely loved... so that seems like a step in the right direction. Then again, he also starred in Dirty Sexy Money. Hmmmm. Anyone?

2009-06-05, 09:23 AM
I watched the first few hours of it some time ago at a friend's place and borrowed the DVDs (I haven't found the time to watch the rest of it, though :smallredface:). I thought it was very interesting from the parts of it I have watched, though.

2009-06-05, 10:56 AM
Cool. I think I am going to go ahead and order it after reading a few more reviews of it on Best Buy's site. It sounds like a pretty neat little miniseries that didn't quite pan into a full length series.

2009-06-05, 01:20 PM
I enjoyed it quite a lot! I think it's exactly the kind of thing television needs more of. Good, original(ish) fantasy.

2009-06-05, 01:56 PM
It is one of my personal favorite miniseries of all time. An extremely novel (urban fantasy!) concept that was well executed. My one sadness is that it didn't end up being a backdoor pilot.

It is, incidentally, frequently referred to as "Unknown Armies: The Miniseries". It'd be an accurate description. ;)

2009-06-05, 02:13 PM
If that's true, JMobius, I may have to check it out too. Would that also indicate the tone of the show?

2009-06-05, 02:16 PM
Just a heads up... if you decided to purchase it (and it sounds like you should since it is only about 10 bucks), I would recommend you do it from Amazon. It turns out that BestBuy has them on severe backorder.:smallfrown:

2009-06-05, 02:29 PM
Sounds like a good tip. Amazon.co.uk has the series for 11.68, and I'm sure the price wouldn't be too different in the states, so with p&p it'd be about the same as BestBuy.

2009-06-05, 02:40 PM
If that's true, JMobius, I may have to check it out too. Would that also indicate the tone of the show?

I actually first discovered Unknown Armies trying to find a system to implement The Lost Room in; UA was the resounding answer.

In terms of matching themes... it would depend on which themes of UA you are focusing on. I would say the show would make a perfect match for a street level game, but does not contain most of the elements of the larger scopes.

2009-06-05, 03:02 PM
Don't worry on the exactness of it - I've never actually played UA, having lost my usual roleplaying group to various universities last summer, but from what I've read it seems like a great setting and theme. Something parallel to that, like this seems to be, would make for great viewing.

2009-06-05, 04:33 PM
The Lost Room may be the only original movie(s) produced by the Sci Fi Channel (sorry, Sy Fy) that do not completely suck.

It's pretty good if you like urban fantasy. Well-written, well-acted and kind of fun.