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2009-06-05, 02:32 PM
My game master is going to allow Dremoras to be in the next campaign. I am even going to play one. Now i just have to think up rules for them. I was originally thinking "Fiendish Human" but my GM pointed out that it was both underpowerd for a +2 LA and that Dremoras have Cold resistans.
Nor does "Smite Good" feel really justified. Seeing as we don't really play that much with alignment. Finding a definate "good" charakter in such a grey world would be hard.

Right now i'm looking at exchaning smite good for some sort of other attack
And to find something more suitable then cold resistance. They should have fire resistance. Perhaps they should even have the fire subtype? Thusly being Immune? Would that still be balanced?
So what do you think? Any Ideas?

2009-06-05, 03:03 PM
My DM just allowed my to exchange the Cold Resistance for
10+HD spellresistance (previously 5+HD) we know it is allot more powerful. But thought that that template could need some improvement.
And since Spell Resistance is thier primary feature when described in the Elderscrolls Literature i think it appropriate. Now it's just to figure out something for the Smite Good.

2009-06-05, 03:40 PM
Trade the Smite away to get some of the cold resistance back, since I think you said cold resistance was part of the race in the source you are adapting from?