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2009-06-06, 04:22 PM
This is Bloodfire, an OoTS-style, DnD-based comic. The action takes place into the homebrew world of Theneria, a place much like but at the same time very different than the Forgotten Realms.
The standard DnD races and monsters pretty much fill the world but Theneria is a wilder place; large cities are far between, monsters are more numerous, adventurers are rarer and the humanoid races have, for the past millenium, been recovering from a Great War that nearly wiped them out.
In this world, four emerging heroes will run a race against the sands of time to ensure a Big Bad Profecy doesn't come to pass. Bear with me; it's far less chiche than it sounds.

Warning: Humor will usually extend beyond the DnD universe. So no, the blond, pink-wreathed, sword-bearing dude is not a caricature of any DnD character.

Additional Warning: I'm a stats-nut; I even have sheets for my characters. So feel free to engage in level/stat geekery. :smalltongue:


Race: looks human
Class: warlock?
Status: latest student of Ombrus Archibald Baldric Etrian Singledore
Likes: blowing things up
Dislikes: the undead
Quote: "Curtain one; you run back to your mommy. Curtain two; an instant acid bath courtesy of yours truly. What will it be?"

Prince Idan
Race: Human
Class: Paladin/Favored Soul
Status: Scion of House Brighthelm
Likes: smiting fiends, wooing ladies, surfing
Dislikes: formal parties, being called a "wuss"
Quote: "By the power of Brighthelm!"

Eldred the Lime Green
Race: Elf
Class: "Magus"
Status: Idan's friend, advisor of Houre Brighthelm
Likes: magic, being cryptic, magic, booze, magic
Dislikes: fistfights, getting dirty, pointy stuff that might ruin clothes
Quote: "You shall not pass; Wall of Force!"

Idriaz Greywing
Race: Probably half-dragon. But we could be wrong.
Class: N/A
Status: Auriel's friend
Likes: fistfights, getting dirty, eating bunnies
Dislikes: magic, puzzles, magic, overly-complicated knots, magic, dressing up.
Quote: "I got your 'Bigby's Crushing Hand' right here. Who needs magic anyway?"

1) A totally original beginning


2) Casters are balanced, right?


3) Social Encounters: Redhead beats Blond.


4) Half-life.


5) Mr Mysterious.


The Dark Fiddler
2009-06-06, 04:31 PM
Shouldn't this be under fancomics?

2009-06-06, 10:55 PM
I'm not really sure... She wouldn't get the thread approved since she doesn't have any comic... This sounds more like a warm up for a comic yet to come.

2009-06-07, 04:26 PM
OK, comic 1 is up.

2009-06-07, 09:44 PM
Now you are in the wrong place :P

You should PM the moderator and ask him to move the thread

Rae Artemi
2009-06-07, 09:56 PM
Also, please put the comic in a spoiler, it's all streen-stretchy as it is.

2009-06-14, 07:14 AM
OK, reduced the comic size a bit; I want to be keeping the last page unspoilered.

Any comments on art and writing style yet? This is my first attempt at a comic and I want to improve.

2009-06-17, 10:56 AM
OK, I'm requesting this be moved to the fan comics subforum.

2009-06-17, 02:05 PM
It looks nice, but the textis way too small. You can read it, but it's annoying as h'll.

2009-06-17, 08:41 PM
Very good, I'm rather fond of these types of fan comics.

2009-06-18, 02:06 AM
Dunno what's going on with the text. It looks just right in Inkscape but when I export as bitmap and put up at photobucket, it ends up fuzzy and hard to read.

2009-06-19, 08:21 PM
Contrary to the common misconception, making a stick comic isn't that easy. Case in point, page 4: Four thousand one hundred and eleven objects. :smalleek:

Or maybe I'm just doing something wrong.

2009-06-19, 08:39 PM
What's with the "sort of"s? Is she a warlock or something?

2009-06-19, 08:43 PM
No comment. :smalltongue:

2009-06-19, 08:44 PM
And you should spoiler it.

2009-06-20, 03:52 PM
Cool. The text is still a bit small, but I think it's better(?).

And as said, please spoiler it.

2009-06-23, 06:36 PM
Balial, I like it so far. If you'd like, I can try to help you get the quality up a bit higher, to the level of my strip. (Not that mine are that much better, mind you; if you saw my first-ever comic, you'd feel much better about your own.:wink:)

2009-06-25, 08:12 PM
I think I'm getting the hang of it. Actually making the comic larger vastly improves readability and I'm getting better at the stick-figure thing, too.

2009-10-18, 12:35 AM
So... no new ones in ages.