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2006-03-30, 02:31 PM
Ok, I've never been good at judging the balance so feel free to tear this apart.

Unseelie Huntsman

Hit Die: d8
Skills: Hide 4, Nature 4, Ride 5, Survival 5
BAB: +5
Feats: Track
Special: Non-good

Class Skills:
Balance, Climb, Handel Animal, Hide, Intimidate, Knowledge (Nature)(Nobility), Listen, Move Silently, Ride, Search, Spot, Survival, Swim, Tumble, Use Rope
Skill Points: 4+Int

Class Features:
Ref: Good
Will: Bad

1 * * * Low Light, Sound of the Hunt, Hunting Companion
2 * * * Fast Speed +10
3 * * * Darkvision, Mists of the Hunt
4 * * * Sleet Storm 4/day
5 * * * Fast Speed +20
6 * * * Scent
7 * * * Fear 4/day
8 * * * Fast Speed +30
9 * * * Discern Location 1/day
10 Chill Pressence, Cold Resistance 15

Low Light (ex): Gain or double range of low light

Sound of the Hunt(su): Whenever the huntsman is tracking, preparing to attack, or attack, the sound of pounding hoofbeats, beating wings, of baying wolves is heard in the targets mind. The mark must be within 500 ft.

Hunting Companion(ex): At level 1 a huntsman can get a worg. At level 4 a dire wolf, yeth hound, or shadow mastiff. At level 7 a dire lion, winter wolf, or half-dragon pegasus. At level 10 a griffon, nightmare, or half-fiend unicorn.

Fast Speed (ex): This applies to a huntsman companion so long as they are within 50ft.

Darkvision(ex):Gain or double darkvision

Mists of the Hunt(su):As a constant obsuring mist except as follows. Does not dissipate with wind and a range of 40 ft. This can be dismissed at will.

Sleet Storm(sp)

Scent(ex): Gain scent


Discern Location (sp)

Chill Pressence(su): An area of 30 ft around the huntsman is extreme cold at all times. (If the ambient temprature is 90 degrees treat as severe cold, 110 cold weather, 140 comfortable tepmrature, 160 suppresses the ability entirerly.) This can be dismissed at will.

Cold resistance(ex): Applies to a huntsman's companion when within 50ft

2006-03-30, 02:40 PM
First, it should probably require evil alignment (any non-good at minimum)

Mists of the hunt--As written this would be horrible for the huntsman, as he would not only would his position be constantly marked out (since there's a massive cloud of fog around him at all times) but he wouldn't be able to see farther than 5' in front of him, and even within that distance would have a 20% miss chance at all times. Making him immune to his own cloud would probably be too powerful, so I'd reccomend just the ability to cast it as a spell like ability

Chill Presence seems way too powerful. A person in metal armor would be taking 1d6+2d4 damage a round with no save allowed, all the huntsman has to do is keep hidden (easy with his fog) and use his superior movement to keep the target in range. Very, Very powerful

I'd reccomend a different capstone ability- turn the huntsman into a Fey, it fits the theme and is a fairly common cap power for classes.

2006-03-30, 02:48 PM
What must make the huntsman evil? Other than the companions, but those can easily be adjusted. And what does "the sound of the hunt" do actually?

2006-03-30, 02:53 PM
You're right about the alignment. Unseelie are the evil (or at least cruel fey) I kinda forgot to add it in, I'll fix that.

Mists of the hunt: I'll make it dismissable at will. That should help on that point. *

Chill Presence: The 1d6 is only every five rounds and I can make it so their is no chill metal. I'll make it dismissable as well.

Sound of the Hunt: It's just flavor. And of course it warns somone that a huntsman is near.

Fey: I plan on using this mostly with fey any way so it would be kind of useless for them.

2006-03-30, 02:58 PM
I wasn't sure if it was a fey class or not, figured I'd suggest it anyway.

Didn't notice the 5 round thing, probably okay then. The chill metal probably should be dropped (although maybe allow them to 'insta-chill' metal with a touch attack, or any metal weapon that strikes them).

2006-03-30, 03:11 PM
i would suggest making chill presence more like simply being in the cold (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/environment.htm#coldDangers) say treat it as being either 0 or -20 degrees. if it was -20 that would be alot like what you first had, except the damage would be every 10 rounds, with chill metal effect replaced. also 100ft is pretty huge range for an effect, i'd say 30 at the most, maybe even 10. (100 ft raidus mean you cover a circular area two thirds as long as a football field, thats freakin' huge.) otherwise, i like what you're going for with this character, i espeacially like the sound of the hunt....

2006-03-30, 05:32 PM
Good suggestion. I switched it to 30 ft. I didn't do 10 because that's kinda small for someone on a mount.

I'm not sure how Sound of the Hunt will turn out with my party. It will either give them a helpful advanced warning or make them waste all thier advanced prep spells and then the huntsman just waits for them to run out.

2006-03-31, 01:10 PM
cool, after that, maybe tweak the number of times a day you can cast sleet storm and fear. Sleet storm is a 3rd level spell, 4 times a day is alot. also, i can't think of any class feature that are 4 times a day, it seems to go be once a day or 3 times a day or three times a day + some attribute mod. I'd say either set it to 3/day (still a little high) or make it once per three levels of huntsman or once per two levels of huntsman. that way it doesn't start out too beefy, but gets there eventually. maybe sleet storm once per two levels and fear once per three (fear is a fourth level spell) that way at level ten you have 5 sleet storms and 3 fears at your disposal.

2006-03-31, 01:36 PM
You really need to elaborate the connection between the Huntsman and his Hunting Companion, is it like the druids Animal Companion, or more like a familiar.
Does the companion get any progression, like extra HD (and associated skills and feats.)