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2009-06-08, 04:38 PM
I've been told I absolutely need to listen to this thing. Apparently there's a DVD/CD/Artbook of H.R. Giger's work, called H.R. Giger's Necronomicon. I've been told I must hear the music. Only, the person telling me about this cannot think of the name of the band, and my Google-fu is proving useless. Does anybody know the band who was on this?

2009-06-09, 08:28 AM
From Wikipedia:
Work for recording artists
Celtic Frost: To Mega Therion
Magma: Attahk
Emerson Lake and Palmer: Brain Salad Surgery
Steve Stevens' Atomic Playboys
Deborah Harry, portraits for Koo Koo album cover and videos "Backfired" and "Now I Know You Know" (1981)
hide: Hide Your Face
Danzig: Danzig III: How the Gods Kill
Dead Kennedys' album Frankenchrist, Poster insert of Landscape XX (which led to an obsenity trial)
Atrocity - Hallucinations
Black Sun Productions
Island: album cover for Pictures [1]
Korn's Jonathan Davis commissioned Giger to sculpt his microphone stand. Three microphone stands were made but only one given to Davis.
Carcass used Life Support 1993 for the cover of their 1993 album, Heartwork.
Designed the stage for Mylène Farmer's 1999 "Mylenium" tour.
Blondie's Chris Stein commissioned Lieber Guitars to create Stein's unique "Gigerstein" guitar based on Giger's artwork.
Helped to design the first professional video clip of "Böhse Onkelz" called "Dunkler Ort" (dark location) from their album "Ein böses Märchen...aus tausend finsteren Nächten", which was released in 2000.
Ibanez Guitars has released second generation of H.R. Giger Signature Models hr giger RG & hr giger S series with legacy artwork on the guitar body, second generation of 4-string guitar bass SRXHRG1 also released with the same concept.

By the way, Giger is one ugly man :smallyuk: