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2009-06-12, 12:07 PM
Hi everyone.

I am looking for the best online random treasure generator for 3.5e.

I have seen a few that I found to be lackluster. Ideally this generator would let you limit the treasure by sourcebook (or just use core only) and would also let you set the parameters (no coin, extra art objects, etc.)

Your suggestions (with links) please?

2009-06-12, 12:15 PM
You should let us know which ones you've seen, so you don't just get repeats.

I use the one at http://www.myth-weavers.com (under SiteTools), but that's a commonly used one so you've probably already seen it. You may have to register to use the generators (EDIT: Just checked; you don't).

It does allow you to tweak what gets generated (coins vs items vs other) and has a separate item generator. It draws from core only since legally they could only use what's listed in the SRD.

2009-06-12, 12:24 PM
Unfortunately it's been a month or two since I tried finding a good treasure generator so I no longer have the URLs of the ones I've tried.

The one at Myth-Weavers doesn't seem to work. I just tried to run it for an EL 2 loot pile and clicking the "generate treasure!" button does nothing.

I'll try it again on Firefox when I'm at home (my workplace uses IE and I know Myth-Weavers doesn't really support that browser). But in the meantime I'm open to other suggestions.

2009-06-12, 08:45 PM
There's one in my sig, but it's pretty basic...

2009-06-14, 05:30 PM
Okay, as much as I appreciate the suggestions so far, anybody else know of any?

The mythweaver's one returns an error if you try to adjust the parametewrs (e.g. x0 coins). The one Thurbane mentioned is, well like he said very basic.

Surely there's something better out there?

2009-06-14, 05:34 PM
Roll 1d20. If you get a number between 1 and 20, award yourself 2d4 art objects, 2d6 wondrous items, and 6d6x1000 gp.

Now THAT is the best treasure generator.

2009-06-14, 06:36 PM
You could try nabbing NBOS RPG Software's Inspiration Pad, some one made a random treasure generator file for D&D with it.

Unfortunately, it's only got core. On the other hand, if you're willing, you could add as many different sources as you wanted - it'd just take work.

2009-06-14, 07:21 PM
Do you have links, TSED?

2009-06-14, 07:32 PM
The mythweaver's one returns an error if you try to adjust the parametewrs (e.g. x0 coins). The one Thurbane mentioned is, well like he said very basic.

I'm not getting that error. (I just entered x0 coins and x3 goods and got a mighty +3 composite longbow). Did you try on Firefox? You might need to clear your cache or something, or update your browser.

If you use PC Gen (it's a free piece of character creation software along with a few other DM tools) there's also a Treasure Generator that comes with that. It's not the most tweakable, but you can, say, generate overall treasure or just items or goods or coins, etc.

2009-06-14, 08:05 PM
Awesome, it's working now!!

Dunno why it didn't before. Firefox both times.