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Black Orc 2k8
2009-06-14, 09:00 AM
Hello, i have played fable 2, and i think there is a gap in the market for a webcomic parady of it. I have thought up some story lines, but im not the best artist. So i thought were could i get an aritist from. So i decided that i would post a message here asking for an artist.
Here are my requirements if you would like the job
-You can use any style, apart from stickmen.
-You have to be able to get them to me at a set date
-Dont expect payment, this is a no income fan comic.

If you would like the job then post on this thread that you would like to then post the acttual comic on the arts and crafts fourum. Thanks for reading

Heres the first comic "Introduction" I would like the comic to so short pictures of the heros life over haeded by Ts speaking.
Theresa: After Lucien died, the hero returned from the spire having chosen to revive his family. But, after going poping out for 2 minutes to by some milk he returned to find his wife was dead ,and his daughter was 25. He soon got bored of the endles after quests and updates. Everything he did , he allways thought "i wonder what woud happen if i hadnt?". This endless feeling of incompleteness soon made the hero suicidal, so he placed his X-box(360) on top of a dvd player, and diied of a heat stroke. His daughter went to the heros guild to continue his legacy, only to find it was locked. She died of old age. A hundred years passed, and the world didnt change. There were no heros in the world. I was the only left, so i watched out for another to come out of the shadows i trained the heros dogs son as a guide dog. But after another 5 years nothing happened until now.
Its not very good, but its realy just a prologue to set up for whats to come.
http://http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=6287346#post6287346 for comics

2009-06-14, 11:07 AM
Hello everybody; I'm an aspiring comic-making-dood, I'm looking for an illustrator and I need one fast: The Illustrator CAN ONLY USE CRAYONS!

sick of these threads popping up in the wrong section...:smallfurious: