View Full Version : Castle Perilous: Is it Acerark's or Zhengyi's?

2009-06-15, 01:20 AM
So I read about Castle Perilous in one of R.A. Salvatore's more recent books, and while I wasn't familiar with all of the backstory it mostly made sense to me, then, for unrelated reasons I stumbled across a tidbit that said Castle Perilous was Acerark's turf. I was hoping someone well versed in the lore could clear up my confusion! :smallsmile:

Frog Dragon
2009-06-15, 01:46 AM
Zhengyi. Definitely Zhengyi. I never even saw anything about Acerak in the novels and Zhengyi is constantly refenrenced in the Promise of the Witch King.

2009-06-15, 02:06 AM
Acerark or whatnot is the demilich in Tomb of Horrors, isn't he?


2009-06-15, 04:33 AM
The adventure Prisoner of the Castle Perilous says that Acererak did own such a structure, and that it's not really a proper noun. (It has a sidebar "Exploring other castles perilous")

The adventure's about a simulacrum of Acererak from before his demilich ascension who wants to become a demilich himself. His particular castle perilous is the Sundered Tower of Moil, a remnant of the city of Moil left floating around the Negative Energy plane.