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2009-06-15, 02:45 PM
Well, first post, so here goes:

I've been thinking of splitting the Wisdom stat into four other stats and removing the Wisdom stats.

These stats are:
-Spirituality: Will replace Wisdom as the main casting stat of all Wisdom-based casters.
-Perception: Governs your sense of sight, hearing and smell. Would replace Wisdom as the governing stat of some skills (Spot and Listen are the obvious ones)
-Psyche: Essentially, mental strength. Will govern Will saves instead of Wisdom.
-Instinct: Here's where it gets a bit interesting. It will govern some skills, but it's main ability will be adding to both attack bonus AND AC. I'm thinking of doing this by splitting the modifier you get from your Instinct stat in half, where half will go to AC and the other half to AB.

I'm very well aware of that this will introduce quite a bit more MAD to some characters and it would require a fair bit of work to be smoothly integrated, but I kinda like it.

So, comments, suggestions etc. etc.

2009-06-15, 03:58 PM
Firstly, welcome

I understand (and kinda like) what you have here. Since technically a sense of moral will and the ability to track have next to nothing to do with each other.

However splitting it into 4 seems rather excessive. It befuddles anyone using the point-buy system, and requires reworking of every possible class that features Wisdom for anything (not to mention makes the Monk worse, if possible)

What looks like it would be a slightly more manageable adaptation would be
Wisdom= Spirituality/Psyche

You also have them too rigidly defined for what does what. The "better" abilities don't just affect one thing. Intelligence is spellcasting for Wizards, affects Skill points and is used for all intelligence based skills. As you have written they each are so rigidly defined that anyone who is Spiritual divine caster can only do that and needs to MAD themselves just to be able to have the Psyche to resist spells themselves.

Instinct as written seems rather odd. We already have Strength and Dex to affect AB and AC respectively, throwing another stat into the equation is rather pointless and would allow some brokeness at early levels when someone can start off with +7 or so to hit off the bat and still get points to AC as well.

As a whole Instinct would probably work better as a Monk feature to allow Awareness to be used in addition to Strength or Dex to hit or AC.

Hope that helps.

2009-06-15, 04:42 PM
As written, you're almost better just throwing the Spirituality and Psyche stats into the Charisma category, then turning Perception and Instinct into a new Perception stat.

I'm also not sure why you'd want a completely new stat that does nothing but increase the AC and attack bonus for all characters.

2009-06-15, 04:52 PM
eh, i always like these for stats;

Force (Fce) = Strength replacement, ability to manipulate objects with your body, mind or spirit. This includes barbarians, monks, etc all the same as the 'dps' stat.

Mobility (Mby) = Dex replacement, ability to move and reaction time. Higher mobility increases your speed overall, and influences spellcasting failure, evasion/dodging, reflexes, so on. Huge mobility could even let a wizard cast spells in armor.

Resilience (Res) = Con replacement. As force is the power to manipulate objects around you, resilience is your resistance against the force of outside elements. This counts as both willpower and fortitude, hit points and concentration.

Learning (Lrn) = Int replacement. Measures the amount of knowledge you possess and your ability to assimilate and process new information.

Awareness (Awa) = Wis replacement, your ability to determine and sense outside influences, vision, accuracy, enlightenment, etc.

Charisma (Cha) = same Cha, your ability to influence others and your 'inner' awareness/focus/emotions.