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2006-07-29, 08:32 AM
Technically, I could attach PEAR to this...or would it be PRAE?
But, first a race idea;
Winter Elves
(Probably been done before, but meh)
+2 constitution, -2 wisdom. Being in the cold regions of the north leaves the Winter Elves with little time to think but has made them a lot more durable.
Medium size,
Base land speed of 30 feet.
Same immunity against sleep and the +2 versus enchantments.
Winter elves do not get low light vision. The snow reflects more than enough light to allow perfect sight in the night.
Weapon profiency; shortspear, sling, javelin and light pick. These weapons are what winter elves usually equip themselves with, most of them being made out of predator bones.
Winter elves gain the same bonus to listen, search and spot. They do not however gain the ability to search for secret doors automatically.
They gain the same languages, but also may take a third language of their choice.
Favoured class: Barbarian.

This will probably be updated if I have any more...

2006-07-29, 06:24 PM
This is a very interesting survival-based elf. However, I have a few problems with it:

1) Proficiency. All the weapons except the light pick are simple weapons, and a barbarian, or any fighting class knows these. May I suggest a few common martial bludgeoning weapons for replacement, such as the light hammer (On a side note, I find it curious that there isn't a heavy hammer), or similar hammers, and maybe some piercing weapons like a Longspear (As compared to shortspear), or even one of the bows. After all, they still hunt.

2) Languages. No third automatic language. Maybe give them more generous bonus languages, or even allow them to choose another bonus language, but they already have two. Why give them another, since language is basically determined by flavor?

Might I suggest changing favored class to Survivor (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?action=display;board=gaming;num=1151840224 ;start=) to support your local homebrews.

2006-07-29, 11:17 PM
Also, why a third language? You said that they didn't have time to think, and learning a language takes a lot of time.

Also, why wisdom? Wisdom refers to observance, like spot and listen. Intelligence would work better, IMO.

Also, assuming I was anything but a wizard, I would already get those weapons as proficiencies (and the race isn't geared to wizards flavor wise anyways. Nomadic wizards.)

Also, compare this to regular elves. They lose a lot of abilities by switching to Winter Elf, and gain what? A third language?

Here's the standard Arctic Elf for comparison:


((That was repetitive.))

2006-07-30, 04:41 PM
Oh, look ANOTHER elf sub-race. This is what, the 30-40th one?