View Full Version : Giving the Sorcerer a Boost: Spell Matricies

Realms of Chaos
2009-06-18, 10:41 AM
Here is a new psuedo-magical Item that I think will give sorcerers back their edge, allowing them to compete with wizards to a greater or lesser degree.

Spell Matrix:
Spell matricies are small stones, about 2 inches in diameter, upon which spells can be imprinted and later absorbed. Each spell matrix can only absorb so many spell levels of spells, up to a maximum of twenty. Any attempts to imprint additional spell levels of spells automatically fails.
There are two ways to imprint a spell upon a spell matrix. First of all, any spell may be cast into it as a standard action, imprinting the matrix with that spell. Alternately, when the spell matrix's owner is targetted by a spell, is in a spell's area, or touches a spell's effect, they imprint that spell as an immediate action (unless it was the owner who cast the spell). Imprinting a spell in this way uses up an extra spell level of space. Spell-like abilities cannot be imprinted upon a spell matrix.
Whenever a sorcerer with a spell matrix regains their spell slots, they may add any or all spells imprinted upon the spell matrix to their list of spells known until they next regain spell slots. Doing so does not necessarily grant them spell slots needed to cast such spells. Spells added to their spell list in this way are no longer imprinted upon the spell matrix. A sorcerer can only benefit from one spell matrix while regaining spell slots.
If a caster adds a spell to their list of spells known in this way that does not appear on their spell list, they treat it as a spell two spell levels higher than normal.
Price: 75 gp/spell level

Q: Isn't this too cheap?
A: Not really. This thing costs 75 gp per spell level as opposed to the wizard's 100 gp per spell level. However, you lose the spells imprinted after accessing them once. While the party casters can refuel your spell matrix between missions, any mission lasting more than one day becomes difficult as the casters can't refuel it again without waisting valuable spell slots. Also, unlike spellbooks (which a wizard can have 20 of), a sorcerer can only use one spell matrix at a time.

Q: Doesn't this grant access to every spell in existance?
A: Almost. It grants access to all sorc/wizard spells and all spells up to 7th level from other sources. I do not think that this makes it overpowered, however. Keep in mind, for example, that cure light wounds would be treated as a third level spell. Couple that with the fact that sorcerers are considered weak for delayed access to spell levels and things kind of even out (cure light wounds is no longer overpowered at 6th level).

Q: Your previous two arguements don't hold up when you consider that casual buffing/healing could keep this person's spell matrix fueled.
A: Indeed, if a sorcerer is regularly targetted by other casters with buffing and healing spells, they can fuel their matrix. This is the point of letting them absorb spells they are targetted by (other than to steal an enemy's spell, of course).
In this case, unless you have magically become a buff magnet, this means that you receive the buffs that you would otherwise receive and hand them out to everyone else in turn. This is what I call good synergy, not broken. Also, keep in mind that absorbing spells you are targetted with takes up extra room in the matrix, limiting your supply of spells.

Q: Spell matrix is already a spell. A series of spells, actually.
A: I know. I couldn't think of a better name. Do you have one?

Q: What about knowstones from Dragon?
A: Those work about as well as this. Either one would really work. This is really for the people who don't have dragon.