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2009-06-18, 12:17 PM
Starting up a campaign, and it involves scorpions.

Lots of scorpions.

What I need are some scorpions. I've got the two from the MM (haven't seen the second manual yet) and I could probably whip up some basic copies myself, but I'd really like to get some more creative ideas from the playground. Preferably I'd like tiny up to medium (including swarms), with maybe some boss-style giants or humanoids, but I'm interested in any suggestions.

In addition to actual monsters, I'd like some advice on out-of-combat encounters as well. I've got a skill challenge in my mind regarding pest extermination but I'm unsure as to how that would work.

This would be for first tier, levels 1-10.

2009-06-18, 12:30 PM
I had a similar problem with spiders & beetles.

All I did was flip through the MM, found appropriate stat-blocks and figured out what it would look like as a spider/beetle.

Choker = Skynet Spider
A spider that can quickly spin and throw a web that entangles and constricts its prey, crushing it to death.

Crocodile = Rockhound Beetle
A tough, burrowing beetle whose mandibles are strong enough to crush rock. I also swapped the Swim Speed for a Burrow Speed

Rat Swarm = Gnawer Beetle Swarm
A swarming beetle that can skeletonize a deer in a matter of seconds
It's faster than fully brewing up new monsters, and it worked out rather well.

Also: since you're going with Scorpions, you may want to try Disease = Long Lasting Poison; in addition to causing battle damage, a poison can slowly weaken a target over the course of days. This can make poisoned beasts a little scarier and they can really screw up the PCs expectations :smallbiggrin:

As an example, the Gnawer Beetle Swarm did not have the Filth Fever of the Rat Swarm - but I later introduced a spider swarm (Blackblood Spiders) with the same stats that did cause it. After getting stung in a dangerous forest, the party needed to hole up for a few extra days to get rid of AC/Reflex penalties (and total healing surge loss)... giving my baddies the time they needed to get everything into position.

2009-06-18, 05:14 PM
My first thought was reflavoring the viper construct...I don't remember what it was exactly called. Anyhow, it did a good bunch of ongoing poison damage stuff, which ought to be a major feature of any scorpion monster.

I'd also say make some monsters with grab attacks (scorpion claws) that are meant to combo with tail poison-slashes.

2009-06-18, 07:45 PM
Thank you very much, Oracle. An ovbious answer overlooked by a novice, I'm afraid. Right off the bat I have seven unique scorpions in the making, just modifying some basic (and unexpected) monsters. I was a little nervous about claws and stings mussing about with the challenge of the monster but it seems to not have been much of a problem. Or so I believe. The idea of poison as disease will be of great help and make time between combat much more interesting.

Curing such a poison (and perhaps finding a more permanent solution) will also take up much of the noncombat gap I was worried about. I believe that is all I need. Again, thank you.