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The Rose Dragon
2009-06-20, 12:02 PM
Order Broken Imposed
Cost: 45m
Target: One creature

The perfect order has no room for the shattered virtues and wills of men. However, perfection can be sacrificed for the triumph of the Principle of Hierarchy, as was observed when she shattered three orbs from her body to leave a broken, cursed Creation behind to her conquerors. A mighty sorcerer can do the same to his enemies, breaking down their virtues to impose the hierarchy She Who Lives in Her Name desires.

The sorcerer tries to invoke the secret name of the Principle of Hierarchy and fails, invoking the remnants of her Essence to form an imperfect copy of one of the flame-filled orbs that form the Yozi's body. He then hurls the orb at the target, who is completely bound by the order and structure bound within. Unless the target can defend using a perfect mental defense against this attack, he immediately becomes a broken servant to the sorcerer. All of the Virtues of the victim immediately fall to • and his Willpower to ••••. This cannot bring down an Exalt's primary Virtue below ••• so he is ineligible for the Great Curse. Furthermore, his Motivation is replaced with an Urge to "Serve the Sorcerer and His Superiors". A spirit with an Essence of 5+ or an Exalt can spend four points of temporary Willpower to resist a single command of the sorcerer. If the victim can resist seven commands, he can roll his (Essence + Integrity) against a difficulty of the sorcerer's (Essence). If he succeeds, his Urge is removed and his previous Motivation is restored. His Virtues and Willpower have to be increased through Experience, but his Conviction can never be brought up to ••••• again. Such is the scar the order of the Principle of Hierarchy leaves behind.

The Rose Dragon
2009-06-20, 01:11 PM
Stream of Silent Slaughter
Cost: 60m
Target: Caster

No mere mortal-born can match the Silent Wind's speed; neither in dashing nor slaughter. To even attempt such is suicide. However, when one invokes the nature of Adorjan into his Essence, she can simulate a degree of the fallen Primordial's celerity, becoming a hurricane of death.

When the sorcerer casts this spell, she quickly - almost impossibly quickly - recites the names of all the component souls of Adorjan, sealing the casting of the spell by invoking her Primordial name "Adriαn". While this spell is active, she does not fall unconscious or incur any wound penalties. Her move and dash speeds are quadrupled, as long as she relies on normal means of locomotion. The means of normal is greatly increased for the sorcerer, as this spell is compatible with all Athletics charms or Adorjani charms that enhance movement. What's more, all of sorcerer's non-ranged attacks have an infinite Rate, the Speed of any non-Sorcery actions are reduced by 1 and if she takes extra actions on her turn, each action takes a penalty equal to its number in the sequence of actions, so the first action takes a penalty of -1, the second action takes a penalty of -2 and so forth. Finally, the sorcerer can spend 5 motes and 1 point of temporary Willpower to gain a perfect dodge for each action he moves at least his full movement rate (enhanced by any Charms and spells). The spell ends when the sorcerer would have enough lethal damage to leave her Incapacitated.

The body of anything less than the Silent Wind cannot stand such celerity, however. For each action the sorcerer takes (including any extra actions and extra attacks in flurries), the spell inflicts one level of unsoakable bashing damage on her. Most sorcerers use this spell only once, as any failure to destroy her enemies as utterly as Adorjan does often means death for the caster.

The Rose Dragon
2009-06-22, 03:07 PM
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