View Full Version : Sequel to Master of Magic coming soon*sort of*

2009-06-24, 12:41 PM

Its not a real sequel, but from the Master of Magic wiki entry, it is suggested to be sort of homage to that great game.

2009-06-25, 09:03 AM
Sounds like this should be in Gaming (Other).

Also, will this be, like, Galactic Civilizations, but fantasy instead of sci-fi?

2009-06-25, 11:19 AM
I'v never played Galactic Civilizations, but from what I understand, the game will sort of be like Populous.

2009-06-25, 11:22 AM
Link to the official Stardock page here (http://elementalgame.com/).

2009-06-26, 02:55 AM
Sins of a Solar Empire is an awesome game, though i don't really like galactic empires. I have high hopes for this game.

2009-06-26, 06:12 AM
There have been so many 'homages' to MoM that this will have to be pretty special to stand out. Or better yet, try to innovate instead of using a template laid down 15 years ago