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2009-06-29, 11:35 PM
We all know the Tri-optimum military grade neural interface. In it's day it was the top of the line for government level information warfare, and even today it's about the best system a civilian can ever hope to get. But fewer know of the games for it, which is a crying shame.

Of course, this is excusable. The games pack was prototyped on Citadel Station, and we all know that disaster. But the games managed to escape, and were leaked to the net by a rather dedicated individual known only as "Hacker". Today, TriOp has finally released some of these lost classics in a value anniversary pack, and Sean Barrett's classic space shooter "Wing 0" can now be seen by a public so long denied the best in direct to the brain gaming.

Of course, if you ask a fan for the best moment, you'll get dozens. From Ghandi's treachery to the assault on the anvil factory, the game is filled with classics. Even your AI partners are brimming with personality. Who can forget Lucifer or St. Teresa?

And the game even had a taste of the programmer's revolt about it. The "Trilacky Cabal" was an all consuming empire, who wanted to lap up everything smaller and had a complete lack of ethics. "TriOptimum Corporation" anyone?

An all time classic, this game sadly never gained the audience it deserved. The best we were able to legally get for years in neural implant gaming was "Eel Zapper". But now that this game is finally out to the public, well, if Bjorn skyrockets in popularity as a name, I called it.

Anyone else played this minigame in System Shock? It's kinda amazing in sheer size. I mean, voicework, AI buddies, 3d space, 3 types of enemy... that in a minigame in 1994 is kinda amazing. Fun time waster.

2009-06-29, 11:57 PM
You have caused a time warp in my brain.

And yes, I did play the minigames in the original system shock.

2009-06-30, 02:48 PM
Somebody set us up the bomb?