View Full Version : Wait, wait, please tell me

2009-07-04, 03:14 PM
I was listening to it today and my all-consuming project of the now is to find out who did the cover of Alcohol by The Kinks they played.

It should be here (http://www.npr.org/templates/rundowns/rundown.php?prgId=35), under the "Opening Panel Round" starting at 3:45.

2009-07-07, 06:28 PM
Well, on the link you posted, it says it's by Buster Poindexter.

So I'm going out on a limb: I think it's Buster Poindexter.

Love Wait, Wait, although I missed this episode. Sounds like it was fun.

2009-07-07, 08:54 PM
Thank ya kindly.