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That Lanky Bugger
2005-12-21, 09:49 PM
Let's see how many Wondrous Items we can contribute... Post your own, and critique any others!

Pouch of Throwing

This small, leather belt pouch appears normal and empty. However, anyone reaching into the bag feels a metal ball. If the ball is removed it turns into one throwable item, determined by the last item placed in the bag. This item exists only for the round it was created, afterwhich it disappears. This bag cannot replicate the effects of magical items (so, a +3 Ghost Touch Dagger would produce Masterwork Daggers), but can replicate the effects of poisons applied to weapons placed within. Poisons on items used this way are DC-3.

Drawing items from this pouch is the same as drawing a normally sheathed item. Items placed in the pouch for replication can be removed by saying the command word while grasping the metal ball.

The following is a list of the weapons that can be replicated using this pouch: Daggers, Darts, Throwing Axes, Light Hammers, Bolas, Shuriken, Stones.

Moderate Conjuration, CL 8th, Craft Wonderous Items, Spell: Minor Creation, Craft: Weaponsmithing 7 Ranks, Cost: 12,000 GP

Cloak of Mists and Shadows

This shabby grey cloak may be used as follows:

Cast Obscuring Mist at CL 5 - 3 Times/day
Cast Fog Cloud at CL 5 - Once per Day
Cast Darkness at CL 5 - Once per Day

In addition to being able to cast the spells above, the user does not suffer from a Miss Chance of more than 20% when under the effects of the spells above, and can see through normal (nonmagical) fogs and mists at no penalty. In fact, unless he feels them or experiences some other sensation unrelated to sight, he will probably not even realise that there IS a nonmagical fog.

Faint Conjuration and Evocation, CL 7th, Craft Wondrous Items, Spells: Obscuring Mist, Fog Cloud, and Darkness, Cost 21,000 GP

2005-12-21, 11:47 PM
I made one for my campaign setting recently.

Animated Scroll: Basically a small construct with the ability to cast the spell written on it 3 times a day at the lowest possible caster level. Requires Scribe Scroll and Craft Wondrous item to make, and XP costs for crafting both. In my game wizards keep them around as dispensible guards.

2005-12-22, 04:33 AM
Horn of the Haunted Seas:

A dusty, ancient instrument similar to a hollowed out bull's horn. When blown, it emits a puff of thick dust and a very faint sound. When blown, the instrument calls a ghost ship to the nearest shore, manned by some 30-40 undead sailors (zombies, skeletons and ghosts, for the most part). The undead will all treat the last blower of the horn as their master and are utterly obediant to him or her without question.

When blown for the first time, the ship will send two ghosts to the blower as messengers of what has happened; Captain Mulligan, a ragged old pirate, and his first mate Smitty the dwarf. They will inform their new master of the occurance and escort him or her to the ship, but the crew cannot otherwise stray more than a short distance from their ship.

The ship itself, while clearly rundown and untended to for ages, can sail perfectly well. It can be totally submerged at will with no harm to the undead crew, but the living will be affected normally by the water. The horn works as a normal horn after it is blown until three days later, when it will be able to summon the ship again. The master of the ship cannot be changed unless the horn is blown in a way that summons the ship.

Amulet of Acidity:
A small iron symbol on a strong thread. The instrument has a rune iinscribed on the back, which, when read, activates it. The activated item will act as though made of acid, gradually burning through anything it touches. This affect does not apply to flesh.

That Lanky Bugger
2005-12-23, 04:01 PM
Hat of Mobility

This powerful item looks like a fancy, if normal leather hat. It may be used once per day by speaking the command word. The wearer gains the following abilities for one hour:

-Base Land Speed is increased by 30 feet.
-Featherfall At Will (self only)
-Spider Climb At Will (self only)
-Special Abilities: Evasion and Uncanny Dodge
-Mobility Feat
-For the duration of the use you are also immune to the effects of Paralysis, Exaustion, and Fatigue. In addition to this, standing from Prone is a free action.

Strong aura of Transmutation, CL 12th, Craft Wondrous Items, Spells: Expeditious Retreat, Featherfall, Spider Climb, Touch of Fatigue Cost: 23,000 Gold

Also... The Animated Scrolls are a wonderful idea (so going into my game next session), and the Decanter of Storms and Horn of Haunted Seas have strong campaign hook possibilities. Awesome thread guys and gals, let's keep it up!

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2005-12-23, 04:17 PM
I'll be expecting your 15 dollars U.S. standard in the mail....just kidding. If you want the specific stats for them message me, I don't want to just post them up for everyone to see....