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Cyrus Mortis
2009-07-05, 11:12 PM
hello all :))

I am working on a large world/setting project and i wanted feedback on a particular story element...

i posted this here, cuz i thought some might like to use it as a plot hook sorta thing...

any feedback is welcome :)

Story part:
Long ago the gods and ancients(evil god-like beings) warred constantly. The ancients constantly falling to the might of the gods, the gods using the ancients as play things, beating them as if it were a sport. The ancients grew tired of this, and created the Taint, sacraficing many of their own to create it. The taint was a powerful force of negative energy. The Taint slowly drained the god's energy, making them weak, all except one. The ancients quickly began attacking the gods, finally able to kill several of them. The gods began getting scared, and noticed that __ the earth born seemed unafected. so they asked him about it.....skip over......___ ends up dieing in his destruction of the taint, but some if it survived, and as his body became the earth and man was born the taint slowly created all the evils of the world and slowly growing stronger as it feeds on mankind.

ok heres where the plot kiks in

For 100's of years sentients have been unable to bury their dead, as the taint can come unexpectedly and raise their loved ones as mindless zombies...
As a result every town has been forced to ritualisticlly burn their dead, or risk suffering the undead.... necromancy was discovered a mere 300 years ago and its practice was recently banned. Corruption gave way to the burners, as many o the materials needed for the ritual are expensive so they begin dumping them in a large seemingly bottomless hole...... a powerful necromancer uses this pit to start his undead....

u can use this as a plot hook
1. having to battle raiding undead, and eventually discover the source of bodies, and find cleric to do mass cleansing.
2. do one about when it first started-- lil town, undead keep raising, soldiers r sent, ect...
eh... all others i can think of are basically same lol

anyway..again feedback is wanted :)))